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Business directory of manufacturers and retailers who provide Smartphones that include features such as cell phone service, email, camera, and/or wireless internet access.

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PDAs for Small Business

If you've ever written a potential client's phone number or email on a scrap of paper or jotted down a sales appointment on a napkin, you're a prime candidate for a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). These lightweight handheld computers allow you to view and update your calendar, read and send email, write memos and much, much more.

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)

From big corporate overlords to scrappy small business owners, many have touted the wonders of personal digital assistants (PDAs). But there are different ways to use these devices in different businesses, and operators, managers and owners have to find the right fit for outfitting their workers.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) News and Trends

The popularity of personal digital assistants, or PDAs, to handle personal information from remote places is on the rise as leaders in many industries and fields take up these handy digital tools to stay connected while commuting or out on the road. The PDA represents one of America's essential communication tools in the new high-tech economy.

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Substantial profits are there for the taking in the robust smartphone market. To open shop, an electronics retailer can add smartphones and smartphone contracts to the store’s offerings, for example, and a small business entrepreneur can open a franchise.

Anyone considering an investment in this area should know the state of the market, however. Sales of new and leading smartphone cell phones have remained strong. Fears for sustained growth persist, though. With 85% of American consumers already owning a mobile phone, the market is considered nearly saturated.

These three steps can assist potential smartphone vendors in making their venture successful:
  1. Compare smartphones and service contracts to select the best ones to carry. Much of the recent sales increase has come from consumers upgrading and switching to the latest in smartphone technology.
  2. Connect to the network providers to set yourself up as a retailer.
  3. Submit inquiries and explore the options for franchise opportunities in smartphones and pre-paid cell phones.

Review the smartphone offerings from AT&T and Verizon Wireless

To carry smartphones, a retailer works with the network providers who provide the phones and the service plans. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are two of the major providers in the United States. Their products include various smartphone models, including the Microsoft smartphone, the Samsung smartphone, the Treo smartphone and devices that are GPS-enabled or function as a PDA smartphone.

Review the smartphone plans available through Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile

Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA, Inc., are two more of the major network providers in the United States.

Submit inquiries to join the smartphone vendors for the network providers

To open up shop selling smartphones through the network providers described above, follow the links and instructions below.

Explore the opportunities to open a smartphone franchise

In addition to carrying smartphones at your current place of business, a small business entrepreneur could open a franchise specializing in cell phones and smartphones.
  • Smartphone software enhances the smartphone experience. These applications are generally available for downloading, however, and are not a retailer's key moneymaking product.
  • Smartphone accessories are often sold alongside the phones on the shelves for extra revenue.
  • In addition to selling smartphones, a retailer could offer simpler cell phones and pre-paid mobile phones to round out their offerings.

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