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Telecommunications Consultants

As business data and processes go digital and migrate to the web, the expertise of telecommunications specialists becomes more and more integral to business success. If you don't have a telecommunications manager on staff, let a telecommunications consultant get you on track.

Telecommunications Consultants Industry Overview

Telecom technology consulting is one of the most rapidly changing technology environments and many businesses are being left behind. You should know who is leading the way in telecommunications consulting, who is breaking new ground with emerging telecommunications consulting services and who is overseeing the industry.

Working with Telecommunications Consultants

Telecom consultants can help you navigate the evolving communications landscape so that you can maximize your time and resources. Telecommunications consultants can serve as third-party sounding boards when you want to incorporate new plans.

Society of Telecommunications Consultants

Formerly the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC), we are now the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC).

CBI Telecommunications Consultants - mobile management ...

CBI Telecommunications Consultants. Our telecom expense management team of professionals will increase your telecom and energy efficiencies while ...

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Schooley Mitchell: Telecom Consulting | Telecom Expense ...

Independent Telecom Consultants with offices in the USA and Canada. Our consulting services deliver telecommunications expertise to companies large and  ...

Telecommunications consulting / Telecom ... - Bain & Company

Bain consultants help telecom clients around the world enter new markets, defend existing ones, improve performance, control costs and profitably invest ...

How to Work As a Telecommunications Consultant: 6 Steps

How to Work As a Telecommunications Consultant. Telecommunications consultants may have their own business and work independently or they may be  ...

Telecommunications Consultants Regional Directory

This Telecommunications directory includes telecom consultant pages for every State in the USA plus Washington, DC. Each State and District page lists ...

Alexicon | Telecommunications Consulting - Alexicon

Alexicon is the consulting firm Independent Telco's come to when they want results. Contact us to learn how Alexicon can help your business.

RCC Consultants: Telecommunications Engineering and Consulting

RCC Consultants is a global telecommunications engineering and consulting firm. For more than 25 years, we have helped public and private sector clients ...

TEM Services | Telecom Consulting Services | Profit Advisory Group

Profit Advisory Group offers a variety of telecom expense management services. Expert advice in all areas of telecom management with a tested and proven ...

Telecommunications Consultants Key Terms

Telecommunications is a competitive field with a variety of options for marketing and major technological advances. Many people use telecommunications consultants to work within the industry, so it can be useful to know telecommunications key terms. Some of these terms include baud, GSM, streaming, ITU and asynchronous transmission/transfer mode.


Baud is a measure of traffic speed between communications devices. It measures data transferred per second. For example, 3000 baud is equivalent to 3000 bits per second of transferred data.

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is an international cellular standard for interoperability between wireless communications devices. It is at the root of roaming, which is the feature that allows cellular devices to work outside their home areas.


Streaming is a method for sending online data between a point of origin and a website. Its popularity is growing due to the increased need to transmit larger bits of data like video and pictures.

Data compression

Data compression allows for faster transmission speeds. It is the act of compressing data to get it through the communication channels in tact.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Telecommunications consulting work is global, and the ITU will help you appreciate its reach.

Asynchronous transmission/transfer mode

Asynchronous transmission/transfer mode is a data transmission method allowing for transmission characters that are unequal in length. Start and stop bits control the transmission, and the two terms are interchangeable.