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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

We've all been frustrated by landing in "voicemail jail" or being abandoned on indefinite hold. But interactive voice response (IVR) systems are improving along with the technology available to small business.

Telecommunications Consultants

As business data and processes go digital and migrate to the web, the expertise of telecommunications specialists becomes more and more integral to business success. If you don't have a telecommunications manager on staff, let a telecommunications consultant get you on track.

Broadband Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Equipment

You live in an area that’s not heavily populated, but there is a growing need for broadband services. Several small and medium-sized businesses are calling this area home.

VOIP Protocol Family

You’ll be consulting with companies that make software and hardware solutions for different VoIP protocols, so knowing the protocols that make up the VoIP family protocol is essential for your business. VoIP has turned out to be lucrative for developers; it has saved companies money on their telecommunications bill.

Cable Installation

In today's high tech world, cable installation in your office can be productive. You can benefit from cable TV installation and telecom installation, which can make your job easier.

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IP Carrier Class Networks

Telephony giants like AT&T, Verizon and Qwest have morphed from phone companies to carrier class IP networks -- thanks to advances in telco hardware and tandem and carrier switch technology. They provide business customers with IP carrier turnkey system products to meet both wireline and wireless needs.

Bluetooth Drivers

Many Bluetooth accessories need a corresponding Bluetooth driver installed onto a computer or smart phone for the accessory to work properly. These drivers usually come with the accessory.

Telecommunications Wire and Cable Assemblies

Telecommunications wire and cable assemblies can be customized to meet your unique business need. Many manufacturers also offer standard wire assemblies to help you determine a configuration that’s best for your company.

Pricing and Costs of Telecom Industry Events

Conferences in telecom are of importance from a career networking as well as educational perspective. They are an ideal place to meet industry peers, potential mentors, as well as get to know your competition.

Third Party Verification Services Education and Training

Third party verification (TPV) is the process of confirming requests from customers. This is done through an independent party that takes the request of a customer and, with a three-way phone call, provides identification information to confirm the addition or change to an order.

Phone Booths and Enclosures Key Terms

Though pay phones have largely gone the way of the dinosaur, phone booths and enclosures are still around. Phone booths used to house pay phones, but many of them are now either modernized kiosks and booths for a high-tech land line or spaces set aside for cell phone users.

Telecommunications Business Solutions Key Terms

Knowing and understanding telecommunications business solutions key terms helps a business owner maintain clear lines for communication. It helps a business owner understand which types of services a provider offers and helps with troubleshooting on a problematic telephone line.


DS3 bandwidth prices for business T3 Internet. Compare the price of ds3 bandwidth carriers instantly. We have over 40 tier 1 ds3 carriers.
J&K Communications

J&K Communications installs, programs, sells and services voice and data systems, cabling, fiber, paging systems, home theater and intercom systems.
Business Phone Systems by Blue Violet Networks

Providing business phone systems for over 30 years for small businesses to enterprises-scalable phone systems to enhance business communications.

Get instant access to cheap international landline and mobile calls from anywhere in the UK, to over 500 countries.

Providers of cheap international calls from any UK landline and mobile phone, to over 300 countries around the world.
Voice Broadcasting

Send automated phone calls to groups of any size. Low cost, instant set up. Try it now free.

Guide to Telecommunications

While it was a buzzword in the 1990s, for sure, telecommunications is still a very real and relevant market segment. Sure, long distance calling cards went out of style when cell phones got big, but telecommunications companies are still going strong. It's no surprise, either, when you consider the tremendous demand for integrated communications solutions. After all, the Information Age has businesses touching base more often than ever before, not less.

Indeed, telecom tools include a variety of solutions to help you connect more efficiently and more effectively with your employees, your partners and your customers. Among the most popular applications that today's telecommunications specialist can offer are:

1. Business phone systems, including call center software and VoIP.
2. Business phone service, including long distance and teleconferencing.
3. Web-centric telecom tools, including Internet access and web conferencing.

Consider business phone systems the core of your telecommunications toolbox

Business phone systems are the most fundamental of telecom tools. Boost productivity and professionalism with multiple lines, several extensions and a robust company directory.

Browse telecommunications companies for a good deal on long distance

Telecommunications companies offer affordable long distance business phone service that you can use to connect with clients nationwide.

Group Internet access with your telecommunications installations

As consumers are migrating from the phone to the computer, so are telecommunications companies, many of which offer Internet access and network infrastructure services.
broadband business solutions directory.

Talk to a telecommunications specialist about teleconferencing services

Perhaps the most popular telecommunications service among small businesses is teleconferencing, which is quickly giving way to web conferencing.

Combine telecommunications and customer service with call center software

Ask your telecommunications specialist about call center software, which can help you streamline sales, customer service and internal support functions.
call center software directory.

Consider VoIP, the emerging king of telecom tools

According to most experts, VoIP represents the future of telecommunications. Get a head start on upgrading your communications infrastructure by plugging your business phone systems into the Internet.
  • Avoid long-term telecommunications contracts, as prices and plans change often and flexibility allows you to take advantage of ongoing savings and competitive rates.
  • Review your telecommunications services at least once per year; new plans and providers are emerging all the time and switching telecommunications companies is an easy way to find serious deals.
  • Telecommunications companies often have complicated pricing structures. Before you commit to telecommunications installations, therefore, make sure you read the fine print in your contract; make sure you understand when, how much and for what you'll be billed.
  • Telecom tools are worthless if they're not working, so make sure your telecommunications companies have reliable customer support systems; always keep your tech support website and phone number close by.
  • While telecommunications companies offer lots of exciting telecom tools, pay only for the services that you actually need. If you don't need features like automatic redial or directory assistance, which often cost extra, have your telecommunications vendor block them.