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Providers of business teleconferencing services. Research teleconferencing companies offering phone, video, and internet teleconferencing services. Select a vendor of teleconference services that suits your business needs.

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Phone Conferencing Services

When you need to talk with workers and clients in far-flung locations -- whether for a sales meeting, crisis management or training seminar -- conference calls let everyone participate in the action. Phone conferencing can be conducted through some ordinary desk phones, but those systems usually connect no more than three people at a time.


Teleconferencing services cover a wide range of communications that, essentially, bring a group of people together in one virtual location. Accomplish this in several ways, ranging from the extraordinarily simple to extremely complex.

Conference Call Services Key Terms

Every industry has its own language and conference call services aren’t any different. To communicate effectively with conference call providers, it's imperative that you understand the terms they use.

Using Teleconferencing

From saving money on travel to being able to call meetings at a moment’s notice, business teleconferencing services can help to eliminate errors due to poor communication and create plans more quickly and efficiently. Meetings can involve everyone who needs to be there, regardless of their location.

Toll-Free Conference Calling Education and Training

When you can't meet face to face, a telephone conference call can be the next best thing. Such a service can safe you both time and money.

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Toll-Free Conference Calling Key Terms

Whether you need to make an announcement that's heard simultaneously by employees across the state or conduct a training session or sales meeting for employees across the country, toll-free conference calling -- also called teleconferencing -- is a simple, fast and efficient way to get the word out. Toll-free conference calling involves designated participants calling into a given 800 number at a specific time.

Saving Money on Conference Call Services

Conference call providers offer many solutions for arranging meetings via telephone or the Internet.  Most companies find that teleconferencing can save by eliminating travel expenses, but they still want a good deal with adequate service.

Toll-Free Conference Calling for Beginners

Toll free conference calls are good for businesses that do a lot of long distance phone services, such as teleconferencing meetings, either between different office branches or with clients; sales meetings; or any other meeting between two or more offices. By using conference calling services that provide your business with toll free conference calls, you can save your business a lot of money in comparison.

RollCall Business Conferencing Solutions | Audio Conferencing

RollCall Business Conferencing Solutions , Audio Conferencing ,Webcasting Solutions, Webinars , Conferencing ,Video broadcast, Teleconferencing ,Web ...

Audio Conferencing - Verizon Conferencing - Audio, Web, and ...

Verizon Business: The World Leader In Conferencing ... Verizon Conferencing has introduced a new access method that allows any customer to maximize their  ...

Free Conference Call

With free conference calls, you can get up to 1,000 people together on one conference call anytime. Only long-distance rates apply.
Toll-Free Conference Call Services

Use Toll Free Conference, a reliable conference call provider available to you 24/7.

Conference Call Services Industry Overview

The business conference call has undergone drastic changes due to technology and the way people work. More people are working from home or on the road. The use of conference call providers by these workers to communicate with the central office makes for a more effective company. Not only do these services help your employees, they help a small business work like a large business without having to pay the money for a large central office structure.

To find the best audio conference call rates, it's important that you understand how the industry works. As with any growing market, there are conference call leaders whose service you can trust and others that may offer better rates but lack the infrastructure. Therefore, before you choose a conference call service provider, you should have a conference call services industry overview. To know more about the industry, you should:

1. Review the various companies that service all aspects of conference call services.

2. Keep track of the regulations and reviews from the conference calling services industry agencies.

3. Join or contact telecom associations that support the corporate conference calls industry.

Evaluate the conference calling companies to gather your conference call services industry overview

Gone are the days of the passive business conference calls. Now a business can use Internet services to incorporate computer applications into a conference call. You can also use the Internet as the source of the conference for employees without a landline phone connection.

Examine the latest industry alerts and bulletins

The regulatory agencies will issue the latest news and alerts about the industry through their websites. In order to stay current, it's important to know the latest to monitor these agencies.
Federal Communications Commission news and alerts sections for all the recent events and changes to the laws. For detailed information on federal executive branch policy information on the industry, contact the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Contact the conference call services associations

Telecommunication associations can offer great information and networking opportunities within the industry. If you are active in the business conference call sector, they offer membership discounts on equipment and services.
  • Make sure you understand the call rates of conference call service providers before using their product. Providers will sometimes claim to use flat rate audio conferencing, but the bill will tell a different story. If there is any question about the charges, ask for the complete rate structure in writing.

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