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My Receptionist: Virtual Receptionist & Answering Service

Virtual. Receptionists. When it comes to your clients, great service is everything. Which is why My Receptionist's friendly, professional team of virtual ...

Ruby Receptionists: Virtual Receptionist & Live Remote Phone Call ...

Ruby Receptionists' cheerful, live virtual receptionists deliver the perfect mix of friendliness, charm and professionalism when answering your phone.

Virtual Receptionist - Optimum Business

Whether you're in or out of the office, Virtual Receptionist directs callers to the destination of your choice - even to a cell phone. Record a professional greeting  ...

Gabbyville: Virtual Receptionist - We Have the Gift of Gab

Our live virtual receptionists "Gabbonista's" aren't employed in GabbyVille for just a paycheck, they truly have a passion for exceptional customer service!

Virtual Receptionist - Davinci Virtual

A virtual receptionist can manage scheduling, make calls, and answer customer questions. Discover what else a virtual receptionist can for your business today.

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Get a virtual receptionist for your smartphone | eVoice®

Why hire a receptionist when you can get a virtual receptionst from eVoice® to answer, route, and manage your calls?

Live Virtual Receptionist Service - Office Sense

We provide you with trained live virtual receptionists to answer your phone calls, ensuring no phone call goes unanswered. From just $79/mo. Get Started ...

A Virtual Receptionist

Thank you for visiting A Virtual Receptionist where we service clients from all over the world and in all industries. A Virtual Receptionist handles calls the way ...

Virtual Receptionist | VoIP | Vonage Business Solutions

Streamlining efficiency, Vonage Business Solutions' Virtual Receptionist is included with every Unlimited Extension account.

Virtual Receptionist - Never Miss Another Important Call

Virtual Receptionist You'll never miss another important call. Total Attorneys knows that it matters who answers your phone. That's why every virtual receptionist ...

Virtual Receptionist | Free Internet Home Phone Service | Ooma

The Virtual Receptionist is a versatile tool that can do everything from directing incoming calls to sharing important information such as your business operating  ...

Pro Virtual Receptionist

Filling a void and creating an environment that reduces costs on phone answering and virtual receptionist solutions.

Finding a Virtual Receptionist

Cutting costs is always a good way to stay on budget. Finding a virtual assistant is even better. The beauty of a virtual assistant is that you can give your customers a live person with every call. In a world of “press 1 for… and say yes or no…“, customers want someone live at the other end of the line. For less than what you would pay an in-house receptionist at an hourly minimum wage, you can keep your budget in check and make your customers happier. Pricing plans will vary with every company, as well as the services they offer.

Included Services

Many virtual receptionist businesses provide different variations on the same services.

· Tiered level of receptionist minutes. Depending on what you need, you can choose anywhere from 100 to 1,000 receptionist minutes.

· Customized greeting catered to your business. This leads the customer to believe they are calling your office directly.

· Unlimited voicemail minutes.

· Call forwarding to the appropriate member in your office.

· Message taking.

Across the board, these are the basic services provided. If a company you are interested in does not, inquire further. With so many companies to choose from, don’t go with one that will short change you on critical benefits.

Extra Features

Virtual receptionists can do more than simply take and forward phone calls. Depending on your needs, you can get a receptionist that offers a variety of administrative tasks for you. While these features will differ with each company, you find various forms from business to business.

· Appointment and calendar scheduling.

· Lead qualifying and current client appointment reminders.

· Hold music; though it seems simple, it could make a difference in the quality of calls for your customers and help maintain your professional image.

· Voicemails sent to e-mail in audio format for easy transfer of information.

· Create private message for VIP customers. This will give a level of personalization for important callers and reduce your use of receptionist minutes.

Pricing Plans

Every company is going to vary in pricing and packages. While some may offer duties above and beyond the average choices, others may offer base features for a lower cost. Most commonly you’ll find price packages based on what services are offered. You pay for a set amount of minutes, voicemail time, etc and have overage rates after that. Some services will offer per minute pricing plans. For infrequent use, this might be a better for your budget. 

Important Details

Having a virtual assistant is a smart option because you can pay minimal for good service. You want the service to be as seamless as if you had someone sitting at a desk in front of your office. Going through a virtual service should not rob you of these basic skills.  Yet, not every company provides you with high quality receptionists and necessary receptionist abilities. Before deciding on your virtual receptionist, consider a few final thoughts.

· Does the company offer training? If not, do they hire only professional receptionists? It is important to inquire about their hiring qualifications, which will allow you to decipher quality.

· Are there contracts involved? Most companies put you on a month to month plan. If you need to sign a contract, inquire about a trial period to ensure the receptionists will suit your needs before getting locked in.

· Ask for reference calls. By listening to previous conversations you can infer how the company speaks with clients.

· How do they communicate with you and your company? Some great features are mobile applications and members areas within the website.

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