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Quickly find vendors offering business voice mail services and voice messaging systems. Locate business voice mail service providers that offer voice mail systems, multiple voicemail mailboxes, mail forwarding, and other voicemail solutions.

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Making the Most of Voice Mail

Making the most of business voicemail involves using the best practices and latest technology to make voice mail work for your company. Voice mail is a valuable service for most businesses.

Pricing and Costs of Voice Mail

Pricing and costs of voice mail varies depending on your company's needs, size and call volume. Plans range from basic voice mail services with a limited number of mailboxes to voice mail components that are part of large Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems.

Voice Mail Key Terms

Nearly every business uses voice mail as a service assistance program for their businesses or corporations. Comparable to the answering machines of residential areas, voice mail takes messages for those who are unable to come to the phone when calls get put through.

Voice Mail Systems | Toshiba

From small to large, basic to sophisticated, Toshiba's IP business communication systems offer a cost effective solution to your company's voice mail needs.

Voice Mail Systems - Panasonic

From integrated messaging to automated attendant services, Panasonic Voice Mail Systems solutions bring you convenience, cost-savings and control.

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Onebox® virtual phone system is powerful, reliable, & dependable

A virtual phone system delivers pbx features without hardware. The Onebox® system provides you with voicemail transcription, online faxing, & more.

Voicemail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

)[edit]. The first voice messaging application, the Speech Filing System (later renamed Audio Distribution System ...

$19.95mo Virtual Voicemail System - Virtual Voice Mail Systems

Complete Small Business Voicemail Systems With No Equipment To Buy, Fix or Outgrow. Plus Free Unlimited Conference Calling.

What is a voicemail system? - 3CX

3CX includes a free voicemail system in 3CX IP PBX for Windows. Download 3CX Phone System for Windows free edition today!

Virtual Voicemail Service and VoIP Greeting System by VirtualPBX

Learn more about our virtual voicemail systems options, along with our VoIP greeting system by calling VirtualPBX today at 1-888-825-0800.

Visual VoiceMail Service - RingCentral Office Business Phone System

Visual VoiceMail service - Learn about visual voicemail by RingCentral, the industry leader for virtual phone and fax service.

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System | Manage Your Calls Online

A virtual phone system can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in. Sound professional and stay connected.

Voicemail Solutions

Nearly every small business today can benefit from a voicemail system. When used properly, voicemail can improve productivity, give your business a professional image, enhance customer relations, and make ordering products and services quicker and more efficient. Here are a few keys to making sense of voicemail systems.
  1. Learn which voicemail system best meets your company's current needs, but don't forget to plan for growth.
  2. Determine which providers will offer you the best long-term investment. While most traditional voicemail systems designed for small businesses are cost-effective, they can range from less than $1,000 to more than $40,000, depending on the features you select. Own a very small business? Consider a Web-hosted voicemail system, which can start at less than $10 a month.
  3. No matter which type you choose, select only the features that you and your customers need. A simple system provides individual mailboxes, while more comprehensive ones offer options like music, virtual hold and question-and-answer scripts.
  4. Get quotes from several vendors, including local and national providers.

Learn the lingo

There are lots to know. For example: PC-based systems, usually low-cost, require a standard desktop PC to act as the system's server. Traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) voicemail solutions use operating systems just for messaging.

Examine different providers

Voicemail systems include a variety of expenses from setup charges to maintenance fees.

Do I really need that feature?

Most small businesses share basic voicemail features, like mailboxes and auto attendants. After that, the similarity ends. Depending on the services or products you provide and the image you want to project, you may consider options like music on hold, messaging on hold, "screen pops" (an automatic display of a caller's information), route-to-fax capabilities, automatic routing and remote voicemail pickup.

Compare systems within your budget

Many suppliers offer free quotes online.

Rent virtual voicemail

If you're a sole proprietor or have only one or two employees, consider the least expensive, least intrusive option of all: a Web-based virtual phone service, which can provide many of the most commonly used features of any business phone system, such as automated answering, call forwarding, music on hold, multiple mail boxes, and caller ID, plus delivery of messages via email or the Web.
  • Ask potential voicemail providers for references.
  • Make sure the voicemail system you select is expandable. Avoid systems that have limited capacity for growth.
  • No matter which voicemail system you use, always give customers the option to speak to a real person.
  • Expect some annual maintenance expenses for your system. Maintenance costs should not exceed 5 to 10 percent of the initial purchase price.
  • If you choose a "virtual," Web-based phone system, watch out for per-minute fees. Read the fine print carefully.
  • Virtual PBX, one of the newest options, features an automated attendant over existing mobile, land and VoIP phone lines.
  • No matter which technical configuration you choose, you'll need to decide how many "ports" the system will have. The greater the number of ports, the greater the number of phone calls that the voicemail system can answer simultaneously. As a rule of thumb, a system costs about $1,000 per port.

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