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VoIP buying guide for small business | PCWorld

Aug 14, 2012 ... You need an IP-based private branch exchange—a VoIP-friendly version of the PBX phone systems that many offices use—to route your calls ...

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Business VoIP from Vonage Business Solutions (formerly Vocalocity) is the most reliable no-contract cloud VoIP phone service for small businesses in the U.S. ... You Should Never Miss a Call · 7 Reasons to Switch Business Phone Systems ...

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Business VoIP phone systems trusted by more than 100000 companies. Powered by the leading cloud PBX VoIP platform, Nextiva is rated the best business ...

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In addition, a VoIP business phone system usually includes other telephony capabilities that are required in business applications, such as voicemail, a virtual ...

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A complete hosted phone system using business VoIP phones. With VirtualPBX, you get ... business. LEARN MORE · Save 40%-80% over Traditional Systems ...

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Small Business VoIP Phone Service, Business Phone Systems | 8x8 ...

See why 8x8 VoIP business phone service is the ideal business telephone system for small and medium sized business.

Small Business VOIP - Cisco Systems

VoIP allows you to have your phone system running on an IP network, either your own or the Internet. A small business VoIP system gives your business a ...

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A phone system for small business must be reliable and easy to use to keep you connected, no matter ... VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business – In the Cloud.

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But beyond just providing great quality and simplicity, our advanced services for business phone systems further stand apart from other VoIP providers thanks to ...

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VOIP phones and IP telephone systems from ShoreTel are designed from the ... Our on-premise business phone systems swap old equipment for new thinking.

Business VoIP Review 2015 | Best Small Business VoIP

Mar 10, 2014 ... Looking for the best business voip service? We have ... Phone Power ..... We looked at five aspects of business VoIP systems to identify the best ...

A Guide to VoIP Business Phone Systems

One of the main components of every office around the world is a phone system. A business phone system connects phones within a company and allows for various features such as forwarding, conferencing calling, and call metering. The range of business phone systems depends on the number of users, and is capable of supporting a few employees to hundreds of users within a company.  Nowadays, more companies are relying on VoIP business phone systems for their telephone needs. These phone systems function over the Internet, and allow users to access a variety of features beyond the traditional calling functions.

Types of VoIP Business Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP Phone System:
In a hosted VoIP phone system, the provider enables communication services using the customer’s IP-enabled network. These systems are designed for small companies or growing businesses that lack the funds to invest in dedicated server and equipment. Rather than placing auxiliary equipment and servers at the customer’s location, hosted VoIP phone systems use equipment that is rented by the provider.

PBX Phone System:
A private branch exchange (PBX) is a private phone system that is used by business organizations. Medium and large businesses tend to rely on PBX phone systems, as it allows users to share numbers that can connect to lines outside the system. One of the benefits of PBX systems is that it allows customers to reach employees within a business through extension numbers, rather than relying on an individual phone number.

IP PBX Phone System:
For many business owners, IP PBX phone systems are a viable option. Considered an upgrade from traditional PBX systems, an IP PBX phone system allows companies to use their IP-enabled networks to place and make phone calls. Providers set up IP PBX phone systems through software, which implements a phone system supplemented with VoIP. IP PBX phone systems are ideal for mid-sized to larger companies who are looking to implement a flexible and scalable system.

Tips for Purchasing a VoIP Business Phone System

Not all businesses will benefit from a VoIP business phone system. To determine whether your business needs a VoIP phone system, consider the following factors:

VoIP business phone systems are able to handle calls to multiple numbers and extensions. If a company possesses multiple users, then a VoIP business phone service may be a viable option. This phone system will connect users together, facilitating the calling process. 

Multiple Locations:
If the business possesses multiple locations throughout the country or even the world, a VoIP-enabled network will allow them to easily access each other. Pre-existing networks are able to integrate VoIP networks, allowing companies to easily switch phone systems. 

When choosing a VoIP business phone system, one of the most important factors to consider is the costs. Companies may have to pay an initial set-up fee, training and maintenance costs when setting up their service. However, there are a number of affordable options available to businesses. Many VoIP providers offer bundle packages that combine broadband connection, phone systems, and cable networks.

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