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IP Phone Warehouse is a VoIP and video conferencing distributor and wholesaler that ... The leading reseller of VoIP & Video Conferencing Equipment TM.

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When it comes to VoIP Equipment, we know our stuff. At VoIPLINK, LLC we've got the experience you want, the products you need, and customer service that ...

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VoIP gateways, routers, VoIP IADs, VoIP SBCs, ethernet extenders, bandwidth- on-demand bonding routers, WAN royters, baluns, serial converters, DSLAMs, ...

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Business Telephone Equipment, Cell Phone Accessories and Tawas VOIP Systems ... Offering a directory of cell phone equipment, accessories and supplies.

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6 days ago ... Telephones and VOIP Phones from Polycom, Panasonic, AT&T, Plantronics, ... Point of Sale >: Office Equipment & Furniture >: Telephones / VoIP ..... BBB Business Review of this Computers - Supplies & Parts in Whittier CA ...

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VoIP Phone System Options to Fit Your Business ... 75 Max Concurrent Calls; Dual Redundant 350W Power Supplies; 20 Max Concurrent Call Recordings.

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Products 1 - 8 of 8 ... TESSCO is Your Total Source for Voice over IP Solutions and VoIP PBX Equipment from Ericsson Inc., Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. and more.

Business Guide to VoIP Equipment and Supplies

Depending on how much your business relies on communications, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services can be more useful and affordable than traditional phone systems. VoIP offers more capabilities and allows you to combine your telephones and computers into one network. To use this system, you need VoIP equipment and supplies as well as a service provider. Because overhauling your communications system can cost a significant amount of money and result in a temporary decrease in productivity, it is important that you evaluate the pros and cons of doing so. Consider the costs and potential disadvantages to see if VoIP will benefit your business.


Using VoIP services for your business has numerous benefits. According to TeleData, a business can save approximately 30 percent on telecommunication expenses by switching to VoIP services; however, businesses generally don’t have to sacrifice service and functionality to accrue this type of savings.

Advanced functionality

Traditional PBX phone systems are very basic when compared to VoIP services. The VoIP equipment and supplies available now enable your business to have access to functions considered advanced on a PBX system. Some features on VoIP services are completely unavailable with other systems. Some of the common features of VoIP business services include three-way conferencing, advanced call distribution based on factors of your choice, video conferencing, automatic transcription of calls, auto-attendant functionality with customization available, and call routing between call centers and offices at different locations.


Most hosted VoIP equipment can be adjusted based on your needs. In most cases, new lines and extensions can be added without any difficulty and at a moment’s notice. This makes increasing your call center staff during busy seasons a trouble-free experience. When the busy season is over and things start to slow down again, removing extensions and lines is equally simple. In most cases, an information technology support person isn’t needed to make these changes.


Introducing a VoIP system into your company takes much less time than a PBX system. In most cases, the equipment can be installed in well under a day, which minimizes the amount of lost time your company has to deal with. Because VoIP equipment functions similarly to regular phone systems, advanced training like that associated with a PBX system isn’t required, which minimizes training costs.


Most business VoIP systems and equipment are compatible with phone-based office equipment, such as fax machines. There is also the possibility of integrating the VoIP system into your into your office email system, allowing employees to check and receive voicemail messages through email, which frees up the phone lines for people who are making actual calls.


VoIP phone service is becoming a common telecommunications choice for many business owners. This service, however, isn’t without some pitfalls you must consider before you make the switch. The specific pitfalls may vary depending on your company’s size and specific needs.


Generally, VoIP service is fairly reliable; however, this depends on the reliability of your Internet connection. If the Internet in your area is spotty or has considerable downtime, your VoIP service will also go down. Having your VoIP service go down is more than just a minor inconvenience. If you have customers trying to call you while your service is down, you can lose business. If a customer with a problem is trying to contact you, there may not be a chance to correct the problem once the VoIP comes back online. A reliability problem may be a large issue for a large company, but a small business owner may be able to get by using a cell phone until the VoIP issues are corrected.


Once you order VoIP phone service, you are usually bound by a contract. Because most service providers offer complimentary VoIP equipment and supplies, the contract ensures that you either have to pay for the equipment usage or that you have to spend enough money with the provider to cover that cost. Most business contracts range from one to three years, depending on the service provider and the equipment you choose.


Since the service provider usually provides the VoIP equipment instead of you having to purchase it, getting the equipment upgraded may be difficult. You always have the option of purchasing VoIP equipment for your company. Buying your own equipment can be costly, but since it is a one-time expense, the cost may be worth the satisfaction of knowing you have the right equipment for your needs. If you choose to do this, you must ensure that the equipment is compatible with your company’s service provider.


In 2006, reported that approximately six million Americans used VoIP. VoIP equipment and supplies can vary in price depending on how you intend to use the programs and items. Phone systems may be as simple as a headphone and microphone, or you may choose to use a VoIP USB phone that plugs into an integrated computer system. Headsets could cost between $10 and $100 or more, while USB phones generally run under $50. Other forms of VoIP phones include wireless cell phones with programs such as Skype. These phones allow calling over the IP by routing through the wireless carrier, so there are many charges that can vary.


VoIP may not be suitable for your business if you have unreliable Internet service. However, if this is the case, you may be able to upgrade to a connection with a higher speed and lower failure rate. The initial costs of implementing a VoIP system may also seem like a pitfall. Renting or purchasing VoIP equipment and supplies will cost money, and you may need to hire someone to train your staff to use the new system. The ability to streamline your communications with this system may actually save you money in the long term, though. VoIP services can help employees manage interoffice communications as well as inbound and outbound calls.

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