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Honeywell Access Control Systems

Max Freedman
Max Freedman

Honeywell offers two commercial access control systems. Learn more about its costs and features.

  • Honeywell offers two primary access control software products: WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS.
  • Honeywell's access control platforms are highly scalable and offer a plethora of useful functions.
  • However, Honeywell's access control systems have so many functions that some business owners may prefer a more simple solution.

Among access control companies, Honeywell is perhaps the closest thing to a household name. The brand is known for its industrial and manufacturing arm, but it manufactures powerful access control tools as well. That said, users new to access control systems may find the technology challenging to adopt and understand, read our full Honeywell review.

Does Honeywell Have a Free Trial?

Honeywell does not have a free trial. However, since you must buy Honeywell's access control products from a third-party retailer rather than from Honeywell directly, you may find free trials depending on which retailer you choose.

FYIFYI: You can't buy access control products directly from Honeywell. You'll need to purchase them from one of Honeywell's trusted third-party sellers instead.

Honeywell Pricing

Honeywell does not list prices on its website. As we say in our Honeywell review, you need to contact Honeywell for a quote.

An alternative way to obtain prices for Honeywell's access control software is to create an account with one of the sellers listed on each product's Honeywell page. Upon creating an account, you can request a quote from the seller.

Prices will vary based on which product you buy. Below, we've broken down the basics of each product.

Honeywell Access Control Products

Honeywell offers two access control software platforms:


Honeywell's WIN-PAK software interface can oversee your company's intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance. You can access it from any web browser, thus facilitating remote access control.

If you buy WIN-PAK when your company is small, you can easily scale it as your company grows from one facility to many. That's because WIN-PAK has no maximum number of users or locations. It also accommodates as many as 40 recorders and 2,560 cameras.

Additionally, WIN-PAK integrates extensively with point-of-sale (POS), visitor management, biometric and HR platforms. It also comes with an API that your software development team can use to create and customize integrations specific to your company.

Honeywell WIN-PAK ecosystem
Honeywell WIN-PAK ecosystem


WIN-PAK CS 4.7 is a cloud-based version of WIN-PAK. With WIN-PAK CS 4.7, you can control several accounts from one system whether you're on mobile or desktop.

According to Honeywell, WIN-PAK CS eliminates several costs compared to WIN-PAK. These costs pertain to maintaining your database, updating your operating system, and managing your servers and workstations.

Additionally, using WIN-PAK CS 4.7, you can access day-to-day functions, view door statuses, schedule and create reports, lock and unlock doors, and locate access events. You can also locate employees, generate muster reports and find lost or unused access cards.

Honeywell Payment Options

Because you will be purchasing Honeywell products from a third-party vendor rather than directly from Honeywell, you may encounter different payment terms depending on the vendor.

Best Features of Honeywell

The best features of Honeywell's two access control software platforms include the following:

  • Access areas and schedules: Through WIN-PAK CS, you can manage the areas your employees access and set limits on when employees can access these areas. This function gives you firm control over how your employees interact (or don't interact) with your most sensitive infrastructure and information.

  • Badge printing: Like some other access control systems, WIN-PAK CS includes badge-printing capabilities. These printed badges can act as employees' access cards and allow your company to verify employees' photos when they attempt to access certain spaces.

  • Browser-based: Both WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS are browser-based, which means there is no native software installation. And because there is no software to install, this in turn frees up more space on your hard drive for other uses.

Did you knowDid You Know? All you need is internet access and a web browser to use either version of WIN-PAK.

  • Custom integrations: With both WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS, Honeywell provides you with an API that you can customize to make Honeywell integrate with other platforms. This API access can prove especially helpful, but even as is, WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS include extensive integrations.

  • Customer service: Honeywell's customer service line is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on weekdays. You can reach customer service, technical support and sales from the same phone number.

  • Easy intrusion alert arming and disarming: With WIN-PAK, you arm the intrusion system by swiping your access card three times in a row at an entry point. Similarly, you disarm your intrusion system with just one swipe. This function makes activating and deactivating emergency protocol easier compared to other access control systems.

  • Extensive integrations: WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS have more integrations than perhaps any other access control software. You can integrate WIN-PAK or WIN-PAK CS software with video, biometric, intrusion, HR, fire, POS and visitor-management tools. If you use the API that Honeywell provides, you can integrate WIN-PAK or WIN-PAK CS software with pretty much any software.

  • Help tool: WIN-PAK includes a help tool that you can use to better understand the many functions and complexities of your access control system. If the help tool doesn't answer your question, technical support and customer service remain available.

  • Holidays: Through WIN-PAK CS, you can easily manage holidays. If your access control system usually allows access on weekdays, you can easily block access when holidays fall on weekdays.

  • Live floor-plan views: You can upload your facility's floor plan to WIN-PAK CS to see the exact location of employees at any moment. This tool can be especially useful during emergencies and lockdowns.

  • Locking and unlocking: You can use WIN-PAK CS to remotely lock and unlock doors. This function can ensure continued operations if an employee misplaces their access card but still needs access.

  • Lost card identification: Speaking of misplaced cards, WIN-PAK CS allows you to locate misplaced cards, thereby facilitating a quick return to their owner. Misplaced cards aren't just an inconvenience – if they fall into the wrong hands, they could be a security threat.

  • Manual override: In the event of an emergency, WIN-PAK CS allows you to override alarms and lockdowns using your access card.

  • Muster reports: When an emergency happens, you'll want to know who is where. With WIN-PAK CS, you can pull up muster reports that give you exactly this information in real time. Muster reports give you a more comprehensive idea of your facility's security so you can react appropriately.

  • Priority levels: WIN-PAK CS comes with a whopping 99 levels of alarms and alerts. This versatility allows you to build a comprehensive security profile for your facility.

  • Real-time monitoring: WIN-PAK CS includes tools for real-time facility monitoring. When paired with WIN-PAK CS's floor plan and muster-reporting tools, this real-time ability becomes especially powerful for fully comprehending the current location of people within your facility and what that means for your security.

  • Remote access control: Since both WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS are browser-based, you can use them for all of your access control needs anywhere you go. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, full control over your facility's access is just a few clicks away.

  • Reporting: WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS offer extensive reporting features to help you gain a comprehensive overview of your facility. You can generate reports in real time or for a previous period to get a sense of your team's access card use and needs.

  • Shunt and bypass zones: WIN-PAK CS doesn't have to cover your entire facility. With shunt and bypass zones, you can exclude certain parts of your facility when you activate your alarm system. This bypass function may come in handy if you aren't overly concerned about certain areas in your facility areas that contain few valuable items.

  • Special response messages: WIN-PAK CS can generate special response messages with every alarm or event. Depending on the message you receive, you'll know whether or not you need to immediately react to an incident.

  • Scalability: Neither WIN-PAK nor WIN-PAK CS has a maximum number of cardholders, users, sites or access points. That's why WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS rank among the most scalable access control solutions. As your company grows, you won't need to upgrade your Honeywell software to accommodate your changes.

  • Video capabilities: Although Honeywell won't deliver security cameras with your WIN-PAK or WIN-PAK CS purchase, it has specific tools for video surveillance in its interface. Once you have video cameras, you can use these video tools to coordinate recorded visuals with key access events.

Perhaps given this overwhelming number of features, you're confused about which feature corresponds to which WIN-PAK software. The table below should clarify:




Access areas and schedules



Badge printing






Custom integrations



Customer service



Easy intrusion alert arming and disarming



Extensive integrations



Help tool






Live floor plan views



Locking and unlocking



Lost card identification



Manual override



Muster reports



Priority levels



Real-time monitoring



Remote access control






Shunt and bypass zones



Special response messages







Honeywell's WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS 4.7 systems offer comprehensive access control features for businesses of all sizes. However, given both tools' overwhelming number of features, you face a steep learning curve.

As such, if you need a scalable access control platform, then Honeywell might be worth it. Otherwise, you may prefer simpler solutions like SimpliSafe or Kisi.

Honeywell FAQs

What does Honeywell make?

Honeywell makes access control software and hardware, though it is arguably better known for its consumer home products (e.g., thermostats) than its business solutions.

What are Honeywell's access control products?

Honeywell primary access control products are its WIN-PAK and WIN-PAK CS software.

How can I buy Honeywell access control products?

To buy Honeywell access control products, you must visit a Honeywell third-party trusted seller website, create an account and then make your purchase.

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