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IDenticard Access Control Systems

Max Freedman
Max Freedman Contributing Writer
Updated Sep 06, 2022

IDenticard offers the latest hardware with its PremiSys access control system, and the wide range of customization options means you can create the system you need.

  • IDenticard’s PremiSys access control system comes with numerous features.
  • PremiSys’ best features include remote lockdowns, access reports and extensive integrations.
  • Most PremiSys features are available for all user tiers; therefore, we recommend PremiSys for companies of all sizes.

Although IDenticard’s name may suggest that ID cards are its bread and butter, IDenticard can do far more than identify people. Through its PremiSys technology, IDenticard also offers comprehensive access control features for businesses of all sizes. Learn more below, and read our full IDenticard review.

What Is IDenticard?

IDenticard was founded in 1970 as a photo ID company. Since then, it has grown into a lauded identification and access control provider owned by the workplace safety behemoth Brady Corporation. Because Brady Corporation owns IDenticard, all IDenticard hardware and software are produced in-house rather than by a third party.

IDenticard’s primary offices are in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ontario; however, its customer base spans the entire world. IDenticard has regional offices throughout the U.S. to give customers local expertise.

IDenticard’s customers number in the tens of thousands and span sectors that include education, manufacturing, government and more. Many of its clients are Fortune 500 companies and household names such as 3M, Target and Coca-Cola.

Does IDenticard Have a Free Trial?

IDenticard does not explicitly state that its PremiSys technology includes a free trial. However, all IDenticard orders have a 30-day full-refund return window, and orders over $99 include free shipping.

TipTip: Although IDenticard does not have a free trial, you can return orders within 30 days for a refund, and all orders over $99 ship for free.

If you are interested in a PremiSys access control system, we recommend inquiring with IDenticard about the possibility of a free trial.

IDenticard Pricing and Tiers

IDenticard’s access control prices depend on which of its four access control systems you purchase for your small business.

The first of these three systems are tools known as PremiSys. Each version of PremiSys is a different tier that IDenticard offers for a different price. All three PremiSys tiers mostly overlap in terms of functionality, though they vary in a small number of ways.

PremiSys isn’t IDenticard’s only useful access control tool. You may also find IDenticard’s Rack Armor tool useful if your company’s servers are on-site. We explain more about PremiSys and Rack Armor below.

PremiSys LT

You can use PremiSys LT for up to eight doors. You get one user interface, and you’ll be able to use the IDenticard mobile app. Given these parameters, IDenticard recommends PremiSys LT for smaller businesses.


You can use PremiSys to secure up to 40 doors. You’ll get up to three user interfaces, and you have the same mobile app access as with PremiSys LT. Unlike PremiSys LT, PremiSys comes with ID badge creation. IDenticard recommends this tier for large companies with many workstation clients.

PremiSys Pro

You can use PremiSys Pro on an unlimited number of doors. You get an unlimited number of user interfaces, standard mobile app access and ID badge creation. IDenticard is best suited for enterprise businesses.

If you think that the three PremiSys tiers don’t differ much, you’re right. That’s because, unlike many top access control companies, IDenticard doesn’t segment most of its key features by tier or business size. We’ll explain those features later.

Rack Armor

In addition to PremiSys, IDenticard offers a platform called Rack Armor intended for guarding access to server rooms. Larger organizations that have on-site servers instead of using cloud-based apps or web hosting may feel that Rack Armor maximizes their security.

That said, most small businesses use some form of off-site servers. As such, Rack Armor may not be necessary for your company.

IDenticard Rack Armor informational schematic
IDenticard Rack Armor informational schematic

IDenticard Payment Options

When you first purchase your IDenticard access control tools, cash on delivery (COD) is an option. Should you go this route, IDenticard accepts money orders or certified checks.

If you order additional tools after your first purchase, you can pay with a check if IDenticard’s credit department preapproves the transaction. Additionally, IDenticard accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

Best Features of IDenticard

The best features of IDenticard’s PremiSys access control technology include the following:

  • Access activity: Through PremiSys, you can see which entry point a cardholder most recently accessed and determine when the cardholder accessed this point. You can also retrieve a list of cardholders who haven’t accessed your facility after a certain date and cancel their access.
  • Alarm mapping: If your security systems are breached and an alarm is triggered, PremiSys can show you exactly where within your facility the alarm originated from. This ability can make it easier to identify the root cause of security breaches and quickly address them.
  • Biometric access: You can use PremiSys to set up biometric access. This access type uses an employee’s unique biological features (e.g., a fingerprint, retinal scan, etc.) to verify that they, rather than someone else holding their card, are accessing your facility.
  • Card override: In a lockdown, PremiSys will block access to all entry points for all employees. One exception exists: You can grant certain employees card override powers through which they can still access entry points during a lockdown. PremiSys advises limiting this override access to solely emergency response team members.

FYIFYI: IDenticard’s PremiSys technology can restrict access during lockdown to a small group of emergency responders.

  • Emergency notifications: The PremiSys mass notification tool can alert authorities via SMS to any concerning on-site events. You can customize what the notifications say or use prewritten and preloaded messages included with PremiSys.
  • Extensive reporting: PremiSys can transform its thorough data collection into highly detailed access reports. These reports can shed light on which employees are accessing entry points more frequently than others, which access points are accessed most frequently and more.
  • Grouped access: PremiSys streamlines the granting of cardholder access through its grouped access functions. These functions eliminate the tedious work of assigning each cardholder their own unique access rules. Instead, you’ll create several access groups with different access levels and assign your employees to these groups. This approach fully automates your access granting processes.
  • Intercom integrations: If you have a business intercom system, you can integrate it with PremiSys. This integration ensures that you can control facility access from the very moment a guest attempts to enter your building.
  • Lock and unlock times: With PremiSys, you can set automatic lock and unlock times for all of your access points. This way, you can be sure that your facility is secure at certain times of day when you expect minimal to no employee presence.
  • Lockdowns: If you detect a threat, you can use the lockdown function to block access to some or all of your entry points, thus protecting your facility and team in the event of a security breach. As mentioned earlier, employees with card override powers can still access your facility during these lockdowns. 
  • Mobile app: All three PremiSys tiers allow mobile app usage. Through the PremiSys app, you can remotely monitor entry points, view on-site videos, lock doors, restrict access and use PremiSys ID’s printing features. Speaking of which, another major IDenticard feature is PremiSys ID.
  • PremiSys ID: Through PremiSys ID, you get photo ID creation and identification management tools alongside PremiSys. These tools include customizable ID badges and ID card data fields. With PremiSys ID installed, your employees’ photos can be displayed when they scan their access cards. This additional layer of verification can help bolster your facility’s security.
  • Propped door alarms: Presumably, you’re looking for access control software so that only certain people can access your facility. When employees prop the doors open, they jeopardize security. PremiSys triggers alarms if doors in your facility remain propped open. Once you receive these alerts, you or someone else currently present at your facility can act on them.
  • Remote control: With the PremiSys mobile app, you can control your facility’s access from afar. You can use the app to lock or unlock doors, view on-site video feeds, respond to alarms, add new cardholders, etc.
  • Security management dashboard: PremiSys includes a security management dashboard with seven widgets. You can use these widgets to identify facility vulnerabilities, unused access cards (which you can then deactivate), overall building security risk levels and more.
  • Video integrations: PremiSys does not come with video hardware or software. However, it integrates with video surveillance platforms, including but not limited to American Dynamics, Avigilon, Exacq, Geutebruck, Milestone XProtect, Pelco and Salient Systems. Through these integrations, you can view footage of concerning access events and potentially observe an access point from several angles.
  • Visitor, parking and HR integrations: PremiSys can additionally integrate with visitor management, parking management and HR tools. Integrating PremiSys with your visitor and parking management platforms creates a comprehensive access control system, and HR integrations connect PremiSys to your Active Directory.

Did you knowDid You Know? IDenticard integrates with technologies, including parking management, visitor management, HR, video capture and intercom platforms.


IDenticard’s PremiSys access control system provides extensive features for companies of all sizes. Since IDenticard offers most PremiSys features for all three access control tiers, PremiSys can easily scale with your company. Much like Honeywell, IDenticard offers biometric options. If you’re looking for a simpler solution, consider SimpliSafe or Kisi.

As your company grows, you may find PremiSys’ higher-level features more important. However, because you’ll have these features at the outset no matter your business size, we recommend IDenticard and PremiSys for all companies. Its versatility can meet many of your security needs.

IDenticard FAQs

What is IDenticard?

IDenticard is a company that creates ID cards and offers access control technology to companies of all stripes.

What is PremiSys?

PremiSys is IDenticard’s access control technology. It is available in three tiers that mostly overlap but have minor differences.

What is Rack Armor?

Rack Armor is IDenticard’s access control platform for server rooms. It includes features optimal for guarding server access from anyone who should not have those privileges.

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