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Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski

ISONAS provides Pure IP access control, which uses your existing network connection rather than depending on wiring and panels on each door. ISONAS also sells hardware to convert older systems into IP systems that are compatible with their access management software suite.



The Verdict

ISONAS is our pick as the best low-cost access control system. With minimal hardware and quick and easy installation, it's a solid example of IP-based access control with a decent offering of features.

ISONAS Options and Plans

For the most accurate pricing on ISONAS that’s in-line with your business needs, contact ISONAS directly for a quote.

ISONAS sells its software and hardware products separately, so you have full control over what products you use in your business. Because ISONAS requires limited hardware and no software infrastructure, it's a budget-friendly system. It also has easy installation and web-based training that helps lower costs.

ISONAS offers two software options: Pure Access Cloud and Pure Access Manager. Pure Access Cloud is available as a fully hosted version in the cloud or on-premises. The reader-controllers are preconfigured to the cloud and require a network connection onsite, which makes getting up and running simple.

Pure Access Manager is the on-premise version of Pure Access and allows you to manage your access control from any device within your network.

For hardware, you will at least need a reader, controller and credentials, whether physical, like RFID key cards or fobs, or mobile, like an app. If your reader will be outside the building, consider buying a weatherproofing kit to protect it from the elements.


ISONAS' biggest draw is that it offers minimal hardware and easy-to-use software that come with a cloud-based management system. This makes it easy for very small businesses to set it up and provide (and manage) access for their employees.

Because ISONAS employs Pure IP access control, it is able to keep costs down by eliminating unnecessary hardware and installation.

ISONAS offers door readers in two varieties: proximity card-only or keypad and card. There is no biometric reader or mobile phone option. The readers themselves are intelligent and store most of the data for the system, allowing them to make authentication decisions and open doors even if the network is down. ISONAS allows you to use third-party credentials with its system, but it offers its own proprietary credentials, including mobile, badge cards, cap tags, key fobs and thin cards.

However, ISONAS doesn't offer certain safety integrations that can be essential parts of a comprehensive access control system. For instance, a fire and hold-up alarm are missing. The system does give you the ability to immediately void credentials if an employee leaves the company or if any misuse is detected.

ISONAS also allows third-party software manufacturers to use ISONAS hardware products.

You access the system's report interface through a web browser on any device with an internet connection, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. The interface gives detailed reports on unlock times, credential usage and suspicious events. You can also set up an anti-passback system to require employees to use an exit reader, so you can see when they enter and leave. A separate video management system can be integrated with the IP system.

ISONAS-Milestone (IMACX) is an integration that provides users with a single interface to control doors and manage alarms. IMACX is compatible with Pure Access Cloud and Manager.

Customer Service

We received quick and informative customer service when we contacted this company. There is a support portal for customers with a login, but no live chat support. You can also submit a support ticket.

ISONAS offers a variety of technical resources such as support documentation, videos and handy installation guides on its website to familiarize you with the various components of its system.

There are several support and warranty options available depending on what components you purchase, including single-case support, annual support and extended hardware warranties.

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The Verdict

ISONAS is our pick as the best low-cost access control system. With minimal hardware and quick and easy installation, it's a solid example of IP-based access control with a decent offering of features.

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