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Vanderbilt Industries Access Control Systems

Max Freedman
Max Freedman Contributing Writer
Updated Sep 07, 2022

Vanderbilt Industries is our best pick for businesses with multiple locations. Learn about all the options it offers.

  • Vanderbilt Industries offers three access control software platforms.
  • Vanderbilt Industries’ access control systems are designed with large and multi-facility companies in mind.
  • We named Vanderbilt the best multi-business access control system thanks to its single-interface control over an unlimited number of locations.

Vanderbilt Industries is designed with larger companies in mind. You can use it to control access for many locations from one simple interface, and you’ll have no cap on your number of cardholders. Learn more below, and read our full Vanderbilt Industries review. If you still need more information on providers, you can also read all our reviews of the best access control systems.

What Is Vanderbilt Industries?

Vanderbilt Industries was founded in 2012 as an offshoot of Schlage Electronic Security, the company whose logo you’ve probably seen on many residential front-door PIN pads. In 2015, the company acquired Siemens’ security line.

Beyond access control systems, Vanderbilt Industries offers intrusion detection and video management technology. If you buy these additional products, you should be able to integrate them with your Vanderbilt Industries access control system.

Notably, Vanderbilt Industries has focused on multisite companies since its inception. As a result, it has applications for large entities of all stripes. This holds true outside the private sector, with government offices among the brand’s clients.

Does Vanderbilt Industries Have a Free Trial?

Although Vanderbilt Industries’ website doesn’t mention free trials, the company offers demos upon request. It is not clear from the company’s website how long you can use a demo before needing to pay. To request one, visit Vanderbilt Industries’ demo page.

Vanderbilt Industries Pricing

Vanderbilt Industries does not publicly list its prices, but you can still easily find them. To do so, you’ll need to register for a Vanderbilt Industries account and use your account’s Price List tool. To get started, just follow .

Vanderbilt Industries Products

Vanderbilt Industries has three primary access control products. We’ve explained the basic distinguishing features of each product below, and we’ll get into more detail later in the “Best Features” section.


ACT365 is one of Vanderbilt’s many cloud-based access control solutions for multisite use. Despite its cloud-based technology, it comes with traditional PIN pads, key fobs and RFID access cards.

ACT365 includes access control units that can support up to four video cameras. It also includes the hardware below:

ACT365 hardware
ACT365 hardware

Lite Blue and Bright Blue

Lite Blue and Bright Blue are different iterations of the same browser-based access control system. The only major difference between the two is that Lite Blue can oversee access to eight doors, and Bright Blue can oversee access to 32 doors.

FYIFYI: Although some sources distinguish Vanderbilt Industries’ Lite Blue and Bright Blue access control platforms, their only significant difference is the number of doors they can control.

You can also buy Vanderbilt’s badge printer alongside your Lite Blue or Bright Blue plan. Additionally, upgrading from Lite Blue to Bright Blue is quick and easy.

Vanderbilt Industries badge printer
Vanderbilt Industries badge printer

Security Management System

The Vanderbilt Security Management System (SMS) is intended for enterprises. It accommodates an unlimited number of readers and cardholders. It also includes advanced reporting, visitor management, alarm control and more.

Although the features of each Vanderbilt Industries access control platform vary somewhat, they all include the company’s new Mobile Act ID technology. Through this tool, you can remotely control access to your facility and issue new credentials.

Shortly after Vanderbilt Industries unveiled the Mobile Act ID software, it also announced its Kit List Builder tool. Through this tool, you can customize your own access control and security system. After you submit your custom kit to Vanderbilt Industries, you will receive a price quote for it.


Vanderbilt Industries Payment Options

Vanderbilt Industries accepts all major credit cards. It also accepts debit cards tied to major credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard. Since Vanderbilt uses PayPal Merchant Services, you may also be able to pay via PayPal.

Best Features of Vanderbilt Industries

These are some of the best features of Vanderbilt Industries’ access tools:

  • Alarms. Both ACT365 and SMS include alarm functions. SMS also includes alarms that you can customize with color-coding, unique user definitions and graphics.
  • Anti-passback. SMS and both Blue tiers include anti-passback technology so that cardholders can’t hand their card to someone else after they walk through a door. This way, you can fully restrict access to the employees who require it.
  • API and integrations. SMS includes Vanderbilt’s API so that your software development team can build custom integrations. Outside the API, SMS may integrate with several video monitoring platforms.
  • Automatic backup. Vanderbilt automatically backs up all the information in your ACT365 and Blue products. This hassle-free backup ensures that your access control system remains intact after a power outage or crash.
  • Badges. With SMS and the Blue tiers, you can move beyond Vanderbilt’s standard PIN pads, key fobs, and access cards into custom badges. With your employees’ photos and information present at every card swipe, your access control system adds an extra layer of identity verification.
  • Event reporting. All Vanderbilt Industries products include extensive reporting features. That said, Vanderbilt appears to lack analytics tools for this data – it’s on you to interpret what you see.
  • Guest passes. SMS includes guest pass capabilities so that you can grant visitors access. If a contractor is working onsite for the day or you’re hosting a big external event, Vanderbilt ensures a hassle-free access experience for your visitors.
  • Holiday and event scheduling. With Lite Blue and Bright Blue, you can schedule holidays and events well in advance. Through this function, you can easily plan for days with atypical access needs.
  • Lockdowns. SMS and both Blue tiers include lockdown technology so that you can secure your site in the event of an access breach or other safety concern. You can initiate lockdowns both onsite and remotely.
  • Mobile app and remote access. You can use Vanderbilt’s mobile app to control all your facilities remotely from one interface. Mobile control functions include reporting, lockdowns and overrides.
  • Multisite access control. In our access control system reviews, we named Vanderbilt Industries the best pick for multi-business locations. Its multisite access control is perhaps its biggest calling card, as its solutions are designed to be used at several locations. You can control all your locations remotely through your Vanderbilt dashboard.
  • Muster reports. In the event of a fire or another safety concern, you can generate muster reports if you’re using ACT365. These reports can pull up a real-time list of who’s where, allowing you to locate and protect your employees during an emergency.
  • No PCs or servers. ACT365 requires no PCs or servers to use. It runs entirely in the cloud, and Vanderbilt encrypts all its communications via Microsoft Azure, which hosts ACT365.
  • Online and offline lock integration. SMS integrates with online and offline lock technology, so your system remains functional even if a power outage or error takes it offline.
  • Overrides. SMS and the Blue tiers allow administrators to override locks. This function can come in handy during a lockdown when you want to unlock your doors remotely and return your facility to nonemergency status.
  • Reporting. All Vanderbilt options include reporting tools, including muster reports for ACT365. With SMS, you have no limit on the number of reports you can generate, and you can also schedule reports.
  • Single interface for all sites. Although Vanderbilt Industries is our top pick for multi-business access control, you won’t have to hop through several interfaces to use it properly. No matter how many business sites you’re controlling, you can access all your locations through one interface, whether you’re on mobile or desktop.
  • Unlimited holidays and time zones. Since SMS is especially well suited for multi-business use, it imposes no limits on the number of holidays and time zones you can set. As a result, SMS is perhaps the most comprehensive multisite access control solution available.
  • Video playback. If you purchase Vanderbilt’s video function, you can see live and recorded video through your dashboard at any time. With this function, you can view footage corresponding to any concerning access events and resolve security issues.
  • Visitor management. SMS includes through which you can log guests, provide temporary access and more. Larger companies that often hold big onsite meetings or networking events may find this function especially useful.

Since Vanderbilt has quite a few appealing features, we’ve organized all the above items into a table so you can more easily understand the brand’s products and plans:

ACT365Lite Blue and Bright BlueSecurity Management System (SMS)
Alarms YesNoYes
Automatic backupYesYesNo
Event reportingYesYesYes
Guest passesNoNoYes
Holiday and event schedulingNoYesNo
Mobile appYesYesYes
Multisite access controlYesYesYes
Muster reportsYesNoNo
No PCs or servers requiredYesNoNo
Online and offline lock integrationNoNoYes
Remote accessYesYesNo
Single interface for all sitesYesYesYes
Unlimited holidays and time zonesNoNoYes
Video playback YesYesYes
Visitor managementNoNoYes


Vanderbilt Industries is ideal for companies looking to secure many facilities, especially large companies with dozens to hundreds of locations. Since it is designed to remotely control access through one interface, we recommend it for any company with more than one facility.

Vanderbilt Industries FAQs

How much does Vanderbilt Industries cost?

Vanderbilt Industries does not list prices on its website, but you can download pricing information after you create an account.

What are Vanderbilt Industries’ access control solutions?

Vanderbilt Industries’ access control solutions are ACT365, Lite Blue, Bright Blue and Security Management System (SMS).

Who is Vanderbilt Industries best for?

Vanderbilt Industries is best for companies with more than one facility. All Vanderbilt Industries access control systems are designed with multi-business use in mind.

Max Freedman
Max Freedman Contributing Writer
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