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Any advice on how to properly grow my YouTube channel?

I would like to know how to effectively grow my YouTube channel. I want to be able to reach more people. I have many different social media accounts where I share my videos, but its not really working. All advice is appreciated.

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In this order, be:
1) consistent
2) good
3) available
4) abusive
5) creative

People will say quality trumps consistency. They're wrong. If you're not the best, but you release every day or every week at the same time and give people what they expect, you will develop a loyal audience. It's the most important, least recognized aspect of new media existence.

That's not to say quality isn't important. Watch the shows you like, figure out what you like about them, then emulate those qualities.

Being available means interacting with your followers whether there are 2 or 2,000 or 20,000. It doesn't have to be in the comments below the video, but it should be somewhere you can be as present to interact as possible, most likely Twitter. Build community.

Be abusive means use your audience to do stuff for you. Give them missions. "Vote for me for this award this week," "write my URL on a piece pf paper and take a selfie of you and another person holding it in front of you and send me the pic and you'll win a candy bar," "subscribe to me on a stranger's phone" -- whatever. You've built your community, now put it to work, and reward them regularly. Rewards don't have to be grand, but they should be public and smothered in your appreciation.

Creative isn't exactly last, but it's most important as a function of abusive. Being present in your community will give you ideas for what you want/need to advance. Be creative about how to achieve those goals and involve as much of your community as you can. That in itself builds the community bond and doing that well is the key to everything. It's why I have a podcast that I stopped 5 years ago and haven't advertised or mentioned since that still gets 6k-10k downloads per month. Your community will be your cult following if you become their cult leader.


Hey Reyna!

I've checked out your Youtube profile, and nice videos! I think its awesome that you have all your links in your description displayed, so thats a plus point.

Building an audience takes a while! :) Just be patient and soon you will start reaping the results. Right now, aside from getting eyeballs to your videos, you will need to engage with your fans.. Cross promotion with other artist can be a great way to start off. Approach them, and pitch your idea to them.

Consistency in posting is equally important, so that your viewers will know that you are posting per week or a regular schedule.


Part of the answer could well be in how you posed your question. One could say that your question is short, concise, vague, non-specific and offers nothing that really reaches out and grabs my attention. In short, it is a well done, grammatically correct, statement of professional concern, yet I have no idea what you do (btw I purposely have not searched out your YT channel), nor do I have any other descriptive "flavor" that reaches out and grabs my attention/interest.

Some topics (e.g. obscure legal issues) are targeted at a narrow slice of viewers, already searching for that topic. The search is the only way that video is ever found. No one browses for it or discovers it in an organic manner. Aside from that possibility, virtually everything else though can be linked to or forwarded or passed on to friends, etc. and ultimately achieve some amount of attention.

So in my mind, I wonder if your topic is one that only a narrow slice of searchers will look for and view, OR are you authoring content that is well done, grammatically correct, etc. and perhaps lacks some of the story-oriented "organic" appeal that makes it easy to grab someone's attention and keep it?

Also - have you defined "working"? If you have a narrow topic maybe success is going to be 25 views over a month? If you're expecting 250,000 and getting that 25, I could see how disappointment would loom large. Also if you are a business-topic content creator and you are looking at entertainment-oriented metrics, imo you're setting yourself up for disappointment as well.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it :)


I've been doing marketing for our company in different social media platforms and I have to say it's hard and I almost gave up. But the thing is, the right set of strategies and patience will take you far.

You must only focus on a specific target audience. By making eye-catching video titles, you'll be able to draw in audience gradually. Your title/caption/description are everything but do not forget your content. (There's what we call SEO/Search Engine Optimization via keywords.) Your content must be share-able. If you've established your channel to a small group of interested people, they themselves will spread whatever you have shared. Engage them by asking their opinions or by simply asking questions. By responding to your audiences' comments regularly, you'll be able to establish your channel in no time.

Anonymous User

It's not really about how often you post, it the fact that you post regularly, and consistently. Choose a frequency that you know you can manage and think about it carefully. The worse thing you can do is try to be dynamic and start with a flurry, then tapper off to the odd occasional post. It really doesn't matter if you post once a month, once a week, or once a day as long as you are consistent about it.

Also be clear about what your channel is trying to achieve, and tailor your content to that aim!

If your trying to build an audience to support a business that's all about beauty products there's really no point in creating videos about car maintenance or mountain climbing no matter how many followers you get as there not going to translate into sales. If on the other hand you are trying to make money off the content itself you need content that will appeal to the widest possible audience.

Like most things in business building a following on a social media channel comes down to careful analysis of your goals, competition, barriers to entry, etc, then formulating a plan, and sticking to it.

As for as the quality is concerned production quality will never trump content, but really poor production will put people off. While it's true that people will always watch a video over written content, they will also move on to the next video very quickly if it doesn't grab the viewer in the first few seconds. There is no doubt that production values have a place in that! You can have a great message that no one will ever see if your video's don't grab people, but alternatively if it's all production and no content you will end up with a different problem, people won't come back.

Be prepared to put in a lot of work, or hire someone else to make the videos for you. The truly successful channels are usually focussed on a specific topic, have a unique style, post on a regular predictable basis, and have predictably decent production values that are in line with the content they are promoting.

Good luck with your channel, and Merry Christmas :-)

Barry Robinson
New Street Photography


Well, from a marketing perspective, you should have put a link to your page in your questions. Make it as easy for people as possible to get to your channel.

You also might want to consider finding a collaboration. Working with another YouTuber or website will help introduce you to another pool of potential watchers --- ones who you already know enjoy watching YouTube. And if not a collaboration with another YouTuber, consider working with a website or blog to regularly post your videos. I work with these girls who host a weekly geek culture show called, The Tweeks who work with ComicMix.com (http://www.comicmix.com/category/tweeks/). ComicMix.com posts their videos at the same time every week as a column. This has introduced them to a whole new audience who likes the topic, but wouldn't necessarily go to YouTube & seek out content. They ended up growing an audience that way --- and have garnered a lot of free PR for themselves and their other endeavors.

Lastly, have you been to Vidcon? If not, go -- and pay up for the Creator pass. You'll make IRL relationships with people and viewers who will then help you promote your channel to their networks. Good luck.


Reyna: Check out DottoTech on YouTube. Steve Dotto has been chronicling the answer to this question for the past year as he has grown his subscriber base to 100,000.


Again, good stuff from all the posters. My experience says you should concentrate on all the content and consistency factors, plus the interaction functions, but also, BUILD OUT YOUR CHANNELS and Playlists !!!
Create silos from various channels to segment and build authority for those channels.
Build the playlists to control the right side of the visible competing videos that YTube loves to stick in there to distract your audience and draw them away.
Lots more tips if you care to dig deeper, but that should keep you busy for a while. LOL


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Upload new videos regularly, and preferably on a schedule. If your audience comes to expect a new video every Tuesday, they’ll look forward to Tuesdays! When you upload a new video, those who have subscribed to your channel will receive a notification (which helps trigger new views).

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