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How can I grow my homemade chili sauce business?

I'm running a business that is homemade chili sauce. A few years ago, I tried to open up a market but failed. The feedback from customers was that my price was too high and the chili sauce could not be kept for a long period. Pls kindly give me advice. Thank you.

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Anonymous User

One of the main things is to listen to what people have to say and you have made a start on that but more research is needed, try again and book a local stall at either a farmers market or local markets in your area to show and sell your sauce, sell the sauce in smaller quantities to allow people to taste test. Take what people have already said and start working on improving your sauce. One of the main first things to do is lots local research into similar competitors looking at what they sell their produce for and then make a start on matching these prices and working out what it costs you to make including your time per item. Once you have a more realistic price, start thinking about the longevity of your product and how you can make your sauce last longer which is a vital selling point.

Take each comment people make with relevance and whilst some are not so important, others are and keep getting your product out there. Have you got a website or a blog where you can slap display your sauces, if not, this is the next thing to concentrate on. Make sure you have your produce right before you start approaching any local shops to stock your items, once you have the finished product and are happy with it, you can then concentrate on getting your product into retailers to sell. Hope tis helps a bit.

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