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Has anyone heard of new content marketing strategies that work for 2017?

I'm looking for someone who can help me with a new proven strategy for content marketing.

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Hi Millon,

The best content marketing for us is creating a blog with quality content. Our blog posts are shared which attacks more links to our website.
Also, you should share your content using lots of channels (social media and email marketing).


WIth more content on the internet than ever before, it's not just about creating content for your site, it's also about knowing how to promote it and get it in front of the right audience. However, before doing this, you also need to know how to create great content that will continually work for your site and provide value to your audience in the process. Here are a few methods that have been working quite well for us.

- Create an expert roundup from other bloggers and ask them a question your audience would find value in
- Write reviews on the top services/products your audience would be interested in
- Start guest blogging on other category relevant sites in your niche and reach new audiences
- Run a viral contest on your blog and give away a free product (use a social contest plugin)

All of these options are great for anyone that is looking to find success with blogging. The most important thing to remember is that you NEED to focus on the promotion of your content and not just putting new content out there. Once this is in place, continue to focus on building new backlinks to your site and internally linking to your best content. As all of this continues, the DA and PA of your site will improve, thus helping your site rank higher and more often in the search results.


There hasnt been anything totall new in 2017 yet, but the traditional concept of having your content visible and letting your content spread through the industry by seeding it in the right places hold true and will until foreseeable future. Some of the things you should focus on are

- Creating a plan to promote/seed your content. These could be social media groups, email blasts, social media ads etc.
- The target audience to whom the content is seeded should find it useful and worthy enough to share, i.e, it should appeal to their inner ego to server their purpose such as been seen as cool, or as a though leader or useful to their followers.
- Leveraging other networks to promote your content, could be youtube, slideshare, medium or other places where your content has a higher chance of being discovered than in the island of your own like your social media profile or blog or so.

You can also consult with a professional on a fixed fee to build a strategy for you and review it at regular intervals to understand your progress and refine your plan based on data specific to your website.


Few things that will help you to get started to this.

1. Create content that will attract human to read, cause too many people create content for the bot to read.
2. Create image / infographic / video, this will have higher engagement compare to plainly text based blog post.
3. The content that able to capture user attention, is either entertainment or education. You can have mixture of both.

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