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Anonymous User

Can anyone recommend a good software or app for mindmaps?

Have you come across a good, free mind-mapping software? I've just had a look in the Google Chrome store and they all look a bit rubbish or they hook you in to the "Free" package and then want you to upgrade. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations.

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I have to be honest, Jacqui: I have a staunch distaste for any application that attempts to "digitize" something that is built in a fast-paced team environment. I know, I know: our digital, high-speed, multi-tasking, global work environment rarely yields us a chance to pull subject matter experts into a physical room to scribble on butcher-block paper and build vision through collaborative innovation. I get the challenge: I also have been in this dance before, and the value derived from a conference room exercise seems to always be greater than one derived from online collaboration.

Scot Gerardi mentioned two very good mindmapping tools if you still need to digitize a mind map, or if you are facilitating such an event through cyber space. I still prefer documentation through digital photos after the participants complete their work and put down their markers.

Good luck!

Anonymous User

Thanks John as I mentioned above I need to translate what I have created manually into a digital view but will continue to create them manually unless I find something that works for the generation phase as well as the keep and present phase. Thanks!

Anonymous User

If you are looking for good free mind mapping software you may hit a wall. Free and good are often a contradiction of terms. I would recommend you find the package that meets your needs and spend a few dollars to acquire it. If you want to make use of the software for business, the better ones come with business templates that fast track key tasks that you will want to execute. The one I use is called MindGenius and it costs $235 for a single perpetual license. I would highly recommend you download the free trial version which gives you 30 days to make up your mind that it is worth it. https://mindgenius.com/Store.aspx#store-business-header


I'd be inclined to say ... Pen and Paper! and if you really want it to be digital, scan it into Evernote or something from your phone. Mind Maps should be quick and free flowing, and software seems like it would just bog it down.

Hear, Hear, well said Jarrett--Pen and paper

Anonymous User

Thanks Jarret and Robert - just to put your minds at rest I have been using paper (flip chart sized) and colour pens first for years to create the maps - now I just want to translate them and scanning isn't an option because of the original sizes I have used. Thanks!


Mindmeister and Mindnode. I use them both, but why would you need more than what the free versions of these things offer you?

I 2nd this recommendation,

Also check this article:



I was keen on Smartdraw until I discovered it wasn't available for Mac.. very disappointed.


Hi Jacqui,

Mind Mapping software is very expensive. The cheapest and good one is here is Xmind here: http://www.xmind.net/. The real good ones are around $300 and up. Some like the brain here: http://www.thebrain.com/. I checked them out and they are kind of arrogant. Their $229 option is you only get updates for free for three months. Their $299 option is you get the updates longer but they you have to pay a large yearly fee. You alo may want to check out these web sites: http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/ and this one: http://www.mind-mapping.org/blog/. This site may help also: http://blog.iqmatrix.com/how-to-mind-map. It is difficulty because there are so many choices. I don't know what your budget is but at over $300 it is expensive. Good Luck!


Hi Jacqui,

I personally use Mind Vector! I love their app, and they've just made the software available online as well: http://www.mindvectorweb.com/

You get 50MB for free for Cloud storage, and you can pay for additional storage if you want. It's worth checking them out first before investing a ton of money of other players. Let me know what you think :) Good luck!



Mindmeister, but overall Inspiration. For education is the most recommendable. If you pay you get awesome features, really.


I use MindMaple Lite and XMind They are free apps and I found them to be very useful and easy to follow.


I am a big fan of https://www.mindmeister.com/

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