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Anyone willing to offer help choosing a web design platform?

My husband and I are starting a small business. He designs products to manufacture and installs LEDs in homes and businesses. We're beginning to bring it all to life. I've been researching endlessly about web design platforms. I have no experience in web design, in fact, I've been in the banking industry for 20 years and now I'm tasked with creating the website, theme, etc.

The business is in such infancy stages that we're working on design and installation, then seeing what sticks and what we're good at. There is such a market for his expertise and everyone we meet wants a card and to see a website - so we need to get this up in a hurry but have it still be relevant after it all shakes out in 3-6 months. I'd like to showcase video or his LED projects, so HD is high on the list to display his projects in hopes of selling a job and bringing someone's dream to life.

Initially, I liked Wix for theme options, etc. After further research, I think Weebly looks attractive to track your audience, HD video, and audio and mobile capabilities. We work from home/remote often and would like to host easily.

Any feedback on similar needs or beginner advice would be priceless right now.

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous User

Firstly good luck with the new venture.

Secondly, you need to think not just in terms what things look like, but the implications of your choice.

Weebly and WIX(and by the way here are 100s of platforms like them) are proprietary platforms which means:

1. Their code only works on their servers, which means if you are not happy with the service you cannot simply move your website to another hosting company.

2. You do not own the code (see above) nor do you own the design (see above), hence you create a website which you do not own the code or the design!

3. You can only use their approved plugins such as E-Commerce, Payment Gateways, or any other add-on.

4. Generally they do not do well in Search. Some people disagree with that statement but just to check it out, pick any “competitive keyword” (not niche keywords that nobody has heard of or chases). Now go to Google and search for these keywords, and I put any money you want you will not find 1 website on any “Web Builder” platforms on the 1st two pages of results on Google. Check it out and see how many WIX or Weebly website you will find for terms such as “Hotel in Florida” or “Property in Miami”.

The only advantage of them is that you can build them yourself. They only appear cheap because they charge a monthly fee rather than a web design fee and annual hosting. Hosting you can buy as little as $5 per month, and you can get a decent website professionally made for under $1000 (check out our website).

The question you have to answer is given your website will eventually be your most important marketing asset you will ever own, why would you cut corners? You do not cut corners in tools you need to make your products, so why do you want to cut corners with your best hope of getting new business?

Advantages of using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla are:

1. You can move the website if you are not happy with the service you get

2. You own the code and design

3. You can pick from 1000s of plug-ins to add functionality to your website and not just from those that your web hosting company allows you!

4. There are 1000s of specialists who can support you and help you develop your website now and in the future.

5. You can manage your own content (text, images, add pages, delete page, add plug-ins, etc.)

6. Your site has as gooder chance as any other website to come up in search if you optimise your website correctly (OK your website has to age, as new website always struggle but in 3 years time you can join the party!)

Here is a full article on this subject: https://www.cognisant-hosting.com/wordpress-vs-web-builder/

If you want more specific advice you can contact me on Skype or via our website https://www.cognisant-hosting.com/ . We have many customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, so distance is not an issue for us.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous User

WordPress is the most flexible and the most easy-to-use platform I've used. WordPress offers so many cool themes both free and premium. Here is a great resource with great wordpress website templates (TemplateMonster https://www.templatemonster.com/ ) . They can be used for setting any website, from a simple blog to a full fledged e-commerce store.


As you may surmise from the previous answers, WordPress is the overwhelming CMS choice of folks who are serious about their goals. It's been said that platforms like Wix and Squarespace are like point-and-shoot cameras, WordPress is like a top-of-the-line, full frame professional DSLR. I'm using (and continually earning about) WordPress for the 4 sites I manage. You can do this!
Good luck with your endeavor.


I think U had created your website, but what I suggest to everyone is to go with the developer Guide developer to code manually everything in the website, yes, it take time, but it is better. I have my own web design company in USA Telewebmarketing.


Oh, those who you consider being web builders. Their code is not migratable to another hosting. From so many CMS's, I suggest Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. These three platforms are the best and it would be hard for everyone to compare them in terms of dynamic, customizable, and extendable. If you are not really capable of coding, I suggest WordPress or Joomla. Both are supported by the marketplace with stunning and responsive themes/templates.

Drupal is a good choice too, but sometimes need code tweaking to get design and features you like. If you are really serious about your site, you should get a fresh web hosting and install one of these three options. But you will never be able to migrate your site if you use Wix or Weebly. These two web builders are just for fun or for a personal profile. Sometimes can also be used to create an online store.


As for me, I like using the help of some web design companies for creating landing pages. For example, the one from https://weblium.com is my favorite. I think you might find them helpful to you too. The guys from there will be able to build a perfect landing page for your business which will work perfectly. Good luck with your projects and business ;)

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