Are social media icons commonly displayed on business cards? What about the links, themselves?

My client has asked me to design business cards for her company. I'm familiar with old-school b-cards (plain white or cream, quality matt stock, simple logo, maybe tagline and contact information). In that realm, flashy coated cards have always been considered tacky and I've never seen social media logos displayed. But her company is a technology-dependent entity, and my thinking is that she should definitely have a next-generation card that's a bit flashier than old school. What have people seen? What is the norm? Thanks.

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Hi, Carol, it depends. There's so little space on a biz card that putting the URLs is too much, but yes, some people do put social media icons on their cards. If they're more B2B, definitely LinkedIn and Twitter. If they're B2C, the FB, Pinterest, Twitter and even Instagram. You don't have to put all of them, just ones they're focusing on to reach their target market.

AZSocialMediaWiz . com


Definitely not due to limited space and the fact the flavor of the month in social media is subject to change very quickly. Notwithstanding their business is not in the business of promoting social media icons or brands either.

Have all the necessary links on their website, which should be more than enough, unless there isn't a website and they just have a FB business page for example.


Thanks. This company is mostly B2B, and they're minimizing their contact information (name, title, email address, phone, website) and using only the icons, not the URLs. Pretty clean and spare. They were considering putting the URLs on the back of the card, but when I asked if a keyword search would find them easily, they said yes and abandoned that plan (thankfully).


Because her company is technology based then YES they should be on there. Use a link shortener if the URL's are long, but as a digital marketer there is social proof in her digital presence.

Also a business card is just a way for people to connect with her. Most will choose LinkedIn if they are B2B and the focus should be to get that connection in what ever way works for the prospect and company.

In my experience a business card should always have a persons picture. They won't connect with your logo, but if you are at a networking event with 100 other people they may remember your face. That is who they connected with at the event.

Titles are not as common anymore, except in corporate jobs.
Email address is a must
Social platforms that are a good representation (if you only have 5 Facebook followers - don't put that here)
USE both sides of the card and make them easy to write on.

I often use the back of my cards for a link to a free offer or other ways to get them into my businesses, or onto my email list. Some of my clients have coupons on the back - it really is about who they are trying to connect with.


Hi Carol.
The fact that social icons appeared in your question panel should be some indication as to the popularity of same. Many businesses use the icons to promote social media participation. Our company has been including the social media icons for many reprints now, and not only on business cards.


If there is a web site, then include it, but leave the social media links off.

Agreed. The social media icons/links should be on the website, not the business cards. But the website URL must be on the cards.


It's best to have your main website and contact information your business card -- which can then redirect users to your main social profile pages. If you are super hardcore about a social network and use it for most of your contacts, then you could definitely add it to your business card. I just wouldn't go crazy with adding a bunch of them.


I wouldn't share the "link" exactly, but you can include the social handles..

ie: Twitter logo and below it the @_______ twitter handle
Facebook logo and below it add the end of the url - /PAGENAME or just the name of the page
Instagram logo + instagram username, etc etc etc.


IN my opinion less is best. Having too much information on a business card makes it a challenge finding the contact name along with their phone number and email address.


On the links yes, on business cards only if its a professional association such BBB

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