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Are there any good health insurance carriers for less than 5 employees?

An employee on my team recently just quit. In our exit interview, he cited the lack of health insurance and other benefits as one of his reasons. We have less than 5 people on our team, including my wife and I. Is there an affordable and reputable carrier of health insurance that fits well with small business teams?

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There are a wide variety of plans available to small businesses in every state. The Affordable Care Act eliminated ratings based on medical conditions and claims history for small groups. Small groups are, instead, community-rated which means the small group pays the same as any other group in the same geographic region. To get more details it would be best to engage an employee benefits advisor, not just a broker, but an advisor with extensive knowledge of insurance, tax and compliance.


Morning! Yes there are lots of carriers. United Health Care was the first carrier that came to mind. When we are working with a small business we take each person on an individual basis because each person's needs maybe different. But a group plan may still be available we just have to see which is the best position to take. If you need more assistance I can help.


I have always had excellent luck with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It scales as you do, covers more than other carriers such as Aetna and United Healthcare, and covers employees wherever they work


John and Beverly - I think the best approach for a small business is to design a program that any employee can customize. You come up with a $/month contribution and let them build their own program to include cell phones, health clubs and health insurance. This is the platform our company uses and it provides us a predictable cost and employees full customization. Administered in about 5 minutes per month. You can learn more athttp://r.peoplekeep.com/fqtsf


I work with Insperity and sometimes businesses come to us to help find affordable healthcare coverage and sometimes they come to us to mitigate risk and sometimes they come to us because they need HR help and then every so often they come to us in order to help them attract, retain, maintain, develop and reward talent.
Is less than 5 equal to 4 or is it less than that? Many top quality employees will not work for a company that does not provide benefits...why should they? Unless they are paid out the wazoo! Employees do not want the headache and hassle of having to look for benefits.
But, some providers are getting rid of PPO's for individuals and that makes it even harder. Have you looked at a PEO?


Yes, you can still find good carriers and good plans. If you would like to discuss it please visit my website and complete the contact us page. I cannot leave my info here for you.


There are a few that can suit your needs, what is your state? You can also look at a few health insurance marketplaces and type in your needs.

Drop me a line if you need help going through it.


If you belong to a professional association, see if they have any group benefits that can work for you. Otherwise ACA, at least until it is repealed. :-)


Yes - there is. If you are interested pls contact me.

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