As a small business how do you market yourself offline?

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When you are a small business, your resources are limited and your time is valuable. There are a few things I would focus on:

- FIRST: Understand your model. Are you converting customers online or offline, or both? Make sure that if you are running an online business, where users convert themselves through your website into trials or demos or freemiums, that you have a website designed to lead your users through the steps to complete the desired action. I cannot tell you how many customers I work with on a daily basis who are paying good money for traffic re-direction, and their desired action is hidden!!
- Find places where you are most likely to find your targeted audience and test specificly targeted but volume sufficient advertising spend to ensure you get a real idea of what your expectations from a source can be
- Distributing content that provides value (not just a sales pitch) for your product. People don´t buy products, people buy solutions. Help people identify their problem, and they will naturally go to you to solve it as well.
- Start off small: Adwords can be great! Or it can be a flop. Start off with very targeted campaigns in Adwords or any other type of CPC program.
- Get outside infuencers in your industry to test your solution (make sure they have a positive experience!)


Networking events like trade shows and seminars are a great way to create business connections. You can also join local business groups and organizations. Direct mail advertising and newspaper ads can also work for local small businesses.


Hi Stacee, I see that you are a graphic designer in Nebraska. I would start marketing yourself offline by first making sure that your website is up and running, and your profiles are complete everywhere (including images). Rather than think about marketing yourself, maybe concentrate on taking some of your social media connections to the next level and meeting them in person. Talk to them about collaborating on a project and expand your network within the professional community.

What are your passions? Find somewhere to volunteer where your professional skills can be utilized. I'm sure that donating your time/materials to help a local cause would lead you to like minded people who would benefit from knowing what you do and how WELL you do it.

Learn to recognize opportunities where self-promotion isn't necessary. Networking offers a wonderful way to meet new people. Find a group that fits your personality, from highly structured BNI to low key lunch groups with no agenda, there's something out there for you.

Good luck!

Liz Provo
Mass Marketing Resources


I use a good business card for one thing and there is one in my cell phone that I send a lot. I talk about my business in a non trying to do business with you sort of way a lot too. I have a website and it's on the back window of my car, that gets me some traffic. I just have the name, not any other information, that spurs curiosity.

Those are great. Looks like you are really covering the bases.


For me, local radio appearances as a subject expert are very entertaining and beneficial. Local radio stations are always looking for people with interesting stories, experiences or expertise.


Printing material (business cards, brochures), networking events, seminars, references from clients, words of mouth publicity


Hi Stacee,
Glad to see you are focusing on marketing. I will tell you what I do and what I do with my clients. This is a short list.
1) Establish myself/yourself as the expert by having a eBook or guide. I have a book and it is now a required text book in a graduate school of management. It is also used by eHow to explain consultative selling. I show people how to get an eBook written and uploaded to Kindle in days.
2) Create "How To" videos. I have s series of 21 videos of my best selling tips on my You Tube channel and a landing page where people can optin for all of the videos.
3) I blog 4 times a week with an optin box for my eZine.
4) I speak to different organization free and fee.
5) The key is my/your customer is going online to search for someone to solve the problems and I want them to view me as the trusted source for useful information that may lead to them becoming a customer.


Create Business Relationships,
Educating clients, customers and partners and staff
Joint Venture Deals Relationships,
Innovative Educational Business Growth,
Referral Systems,
Understanding Internet Marketing,
Email Marketing,
Affiliate Marketing,
Mobile Marketing,
Video Marketing
Free & Pay Traffic
Social Media
Social Networking
Article marketing
Front-end & Back-end products and services


Hi Stacee...we market our company using a variety of promotional items to draw attention to the company and our web site. Of course, we receive a lot of referrals and that helps us to grow also. Hope that answers your question!


Social Media. That's what I do for my clients. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube. Depending on who the target market is and where they hangout. They all work together along with the website & blog. Blogging is important as the Google search engine looks for fresh content and rewards you with higher rankings.

Giselle Aguiar

I think Stacee was asking about marketing "offline"

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