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As a travel writer and YouTuber, do I need a CPA or attorney?

I mainly make YouTube videos about travel and living in an RV. I have specific questions about what I can legally use as tax deductions and the complex issue of personal versus business when I travel to make videos.

My question is, do I go to a CPA or an attorney for that advice?

It seems like a CPA would be the better choice, assuming those questions can be answered by every CPA? Or am I exaggerating their complexity?

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Hi - I recommend you find an experienced tax accountant. CPA's are great but not required. Skip the lawyer for tax Q's unless you need to set up an LLC, S Corp or such, but acctant may do that also or you do yourself. Another combination is an experienced bookkeeper on a monthly basis, and a tax accountant apptmt before federal and state qtrly estimated taxes are due. If co. is not making a profit, no est'd taxes are due. But, if you are making a profit, need to pay. And, you need to know. Money in the ckbk doesn't always mean profit.

Have a separate ckg acct for the business. Keep clean records. When you spend money related to the business - it counts as business. Don't pay any bills unless you have a receipt.

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