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As an entrepreneur, is my business and personal brand the same thing?

I realize I need to start networking more and build my reputation as an entrepreneur. I am also working on developing a brand for my new business. How is my personal and business brand different?

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Yes, they are two different things unless as another stated, you are a one-person business. I would caution you that in creating a "one-person" business where you are in fact the brand you are selling, it makes it very difficult to grow. You can not have John S. as the face of the business and handling a client, if the client is hiring Sue S. Consulting for a project. It makes it very hard for anyone else to have credibility working for you and very disappointed clients who expect the name of the company to be working for them.

Additionally, personal and business brands need to be clearly separated on social media. You can't use a personal social media page to promote your business. It not only looks unprofessional but is confusing...so many entrepreneurs start this way with promoting their business on social media and though they may be the expert of their company, it really makes one out to be unsophisticated.

Your company is not you, you are a part of your company but if you want to grow and hire others, it cannot be all about you.


They can be, but don't have to be, the same. It depends on the nature of your business and your goals and objectives.

If you are starting from zero it can be harder to build a personal brand because no one knows you yet and your name doesn't mean anything. A more focused brand can give people something to latch on to, which you can then leverage to shift more toward personal branding. Entrepreneur on Fire becomes EOFire with John Lee Dumas. Wine Library TV becomes Gary V. Michael O'Neal (The SoloPreneur Hour Podcast) calls it letting your brand be the fullback.

Without knowing more about you, your business, or your goals, I'd suggest that generally speaking the path is to focus on building a brand along side building your reputation until your reputation becomes strong enough to become your brand.

Does that help?


If your brand is a product, say organic salad dressings, then your business is the brand. If you are selling a service or programs (business coach, wellness coach etc) where you are giving seminars, workshops, etc. you personally become the brand and link it with the service ie Jane Emery, hot yoga expert.


They can be the same thing if you need them to be. I myself have my name in my brand because my personal brand IS my business. However your name doesn't need to be your brand at all. Nike is Nike. Not the CEO's name. consider how you want to present yourself and/or your brand. Who's your target audience? Demographics? Market? Being an entrepreneur means also marketing yourself/your brand. If you need marketing materials, website business cards etc let me know and id be happy to help become impressive. Feel free to connect.


As an entrepreneur, essentially you ARE your brand. How confidently you communicate your offering and how clearly you show an interest in meeting your clients' needs comes through in how you present yourself directly and through advertising. What can you offer that is unique? Why would someone choose you over a competitor? Be sure to emphasize that in your advertising and communications.


Look into a mirror. What do you see? What do you have to offer? Who are you trying to reach? When do you want to begin? Where are you located within your mind...local...national...global? Are you the product and/or service? The answer is aa clear as the view through your eyes. Now, smile. Move forward. All the very best to you in this exciting journey.


Though your personal brand and face value matters a lot in building trust and credibility for yourself and your brand. It becomes more important if you're the seller. For example, consultants, coaches and one-man armies in businesses have to focus on their personal brand and it helps well with their business name. It's same thing for them.

Even if these are two different, having a strong personal brand makes your business more approachable, transparent and personal being the CEO or director.


How do you wanna make people trust you if you don't live it? Your personal and business brand are mutually inclusive,in that people trust your brand based on feelings before judgement,and what do they feel if you have a poor attitude? Without doubt,whether or not you starting new,you are your first customer,and how you sell yourself determines how you sell your brand.wish you the very best


Personal brands are perfect for “one-person industries.
A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business.


Yes and no. Your personal brand will drive your business brand but you do need to establish yourself personally as a thought leader. I got amazing advice from Bo Sacks recently who really established this belief for me. Brand yourself AND brand your company and they will play off of each other.

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