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Is a license required to play background music in stores?

Hey, I am looking for some precision on this article: https://www.business.com/articles/can-i-press-play-or-must-i-pay-music-licensing-requirements-for-businesses/

I am a playlist provider for shops in France. Some U.S. brands ask me about PRO on their shops. From what I understand in this article, if shops are under 2,000 square feet, they don't need to pay anything to PROs to broadcast music. Can you confirm this?

Thank you very much for your help!


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Typically there are licensing payable that cover things like copying the music to the playback device and right to broadcast the music within the store.

Each local country / territory has it's own rules and regulations, so it is best to consult your local governing bodies for commercial music rights.

In Australia shops of all sizes and types are liable for such costs, with food venues at the higher end of the spectrum.

Thank you for your answer.
Have got any idea of how it works in the US for a "normal" shop (about 1000 square feet) to play the radio for instance. Do they have to pay ASCAP, BMI and SESAC?


If you plan to play music in a public space, then you require performance licence in order to play protect recordings from the relevant copyright owner.
The two bodies you need to refer to are the PPCA and APRA.

Music played in the home is considered private, but any public function space requires licensing.

You can be held legally responsible for obtaining or playing music in a public space. Where there is evidence of copyright infringement or pirated music be held accountable.This would include the music being played public from your own devices such as a laptop or iPod.

Kind of licence you are looking for in a public performance licence.

Thank you for our answer. I only select music from existing tracks. I don't create music for these shops...
I think that my clients have to pay company such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC but I have read that it was only above a certain size (2000 square feet)...

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