Can you recommend the best CMS to build the following?

I have a potential client that requires a website to be built that will need a customer area. The website requires a booking system that can show availability. This must also show the customer's appointments in their account along with a timeline of pictures of the customer, taken by the client. A start to finish timeline would be best.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Chris

We have built a number of websites with booking systems for both hotels and services. Please DM me and I would be very happy to work with you on this project.



I would recommend wordpress/drupal, it's easy to maintain, once the website is ready you can do the required changes without developers help.

Hi Chris

I have tried answering your email 3 times now, but the system does not appear to be working. My responses do not show up as sent, and they do not show in the email stream. Please DM me your email address and I will respond directly using our own email rather then system here.

Alternatively, please visit our website and send me a contact request from the site.




Hi Chris,

The best and secure way is develop without a CMS platform. You can use PHP/.NET for this and it will take only 3-4 weeks.
You can consider wordpress/drupal but I'm not recommending that for your requirements.

Best regards,
Floges Software Solutions

Hi Sreejith,
Excuse me but I differ with you. Building a custom system will require more than 3-4 weeks and it may contain lots of bug and it is also costly.

If you don't want to use CMS then I would recommend not to start from scratch, rather use a base system and then modify that with your programmer.


If you are a layman on the subject, I suggest giving a check on wordpress. The system you want to create is simple and wordpress has a way of manipulating the database in an easy way.


Luã Vieira
CWB Sites


There is no CMS in the market which can meet your these features. All you have to do is hire a programmer to change an existing system. In my opinion WordPress will be best for you. Because it has lots of plugin already in the directory like you want to create timeline of customers, you can do this similarly with this plugin.

Albert Ferro

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