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What are the best strategies for publicizing an interior design firm?

Hi everyone,

What do you think are the best strategies are to publicize an interior design firm?

Thanks in advance,

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Showcase your work. Before and after photos.


Online. make a wonderful site with online quote and design support for the users.


I am currently working with an Interior Design firm that is doing very well using social media. We market using Facebook, a blog, website, and Youtube.


You need 1.) testimonials from satisfied customers (even if it's your sister-in-law) 2.) a portfolio of your own work or at least concepts if you don't have a lot of finished projects to show 3.) make a deal with a client to have a tasteful reception in their newly designed space and then invite key 'movers and shakers' in your target demographic. An example would be: if you were designing dental offices, offer your client some free extra, have a reception in their newly designed offices and invite all the other medical/dental practitioners in your market area to visit, have a refreshment and socialize. You get to show off your work and make contacts for future work.

Thank you very much Rachel. These strategies seem to be good and we will try work out.


Show your works or potential.
Be part of groups in that field. Interact.
Join trade shows. Network.
Use social media.


Think about what your competitive advantage is. When you focus on differentiating yourself through passion, mission, story, designed experience, culture, metrics, and platform development, you begin to build what I have coined a BrandedWorld. Working each of those axioms will strengthen the organization providing a strong foundation. This becomes your ultimate competitive advantage and will attract clients to you, rather than always chasing after them.

Visit www.brnddwrld.com for more information.


Social Media is the best option for to publicize interior designing firm, specially Pinterest and Instagram.
Houzz.com is also the best option for interior design firm to showcase their project.


I agree with that - an artsy website that showcases your portfolio

And I am sure Social media marketing would work well for you. Try Pinterest. It's got a nice aesthetic appeal as such - so it's good for photography, models, interior design etc.

And of course short frequent blogs that are promoted on facebook and twitter would be a good long-term plan.


Hi Bharath,

Word of mouth, through satisfied customers. Happy to show you how to build this if you're still looking for help.

best wishes,



go to YouTube and search for PR Hacker videos. They have great ideas for any niche. I am not associated by Ben Kaplan does a great job teaching.

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