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I am running a branding workshop for artists. Does anyone have experience?

I have been collecting practical information about personal branding for visual artists. Does anyone have experiences in personal branding, specifically for fine art artists?

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Hi Saman,

I do, absolutely. I've helped to brand Emmy Award-Winning Choreographer & Artist, Doug Jack and Etienne Ortega (top 3 makeup artists in the industry) who does make-up for all the Kardashians, Christina Aguilera, Niki Minaj, Kate Beckinsale - pretty much all the high-end celebrities.

In general, I have a keen sense of branding and even offer it as a service on my website (3 tier package). As a 19 year+ veteran serial entrepreneur, I've lived and learned, created many businesses for myself and others.

I can tell you three key items on your checklist:

1. Platform (how you look on paper or to the public is vital). In fact, traditional book publishers will often go straight to the "About The Author" section BEFORE the Book Summary page. Unfortunately, you could have the best book in the world, but if your platform isn't up to par to prove you can hold your own (and sell/promote books too), it's a definite PASS.

2. This one could somewhat fit with the platform topic, but social media is essential in both the "techno-age" and the Millennial era. Build it big and mighty. Numbers are everything. Would you buy from a company who has 1000 followers or 1,000,000+ followers?

BRANDING can make or break a business so if you're going to host a branding workshop, you had better know your stuff. Otherwise, you could be responsible (indirectly) for destroying someone's empire.

3. Your Brand MUST fit perfectly with the demographic, customer/client, etc., you're aiming to attract. If this isn't correctly aligned, it's guaranteed failure.

We can chat sometime soon if you'd like?

Michelle Arbeau
Celebrity Numerologist, Author, Inspirational Speaker, TV Host
www.AuthenticYouMedia.com (Radio & TV)
CEO of Authentic You Media
Featured Columnist, Face/Brand of LotteryUSA.com
Ph: 323-252-5169

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