What do you recommend for a budgeting software with single entry for tracking client hours and costs?

Hi - I'm in need of a simple (not double entry) budgeting software package that tracks the hours spent on a client by my employees and any hard costs associated with the client (like buying access to a Website resource for them, or supplies, etc). Kind of like what a lawyer might use to track billable hours plus, say, mailing costs. Or a marketing firm might use to track time and money spent on a client each month. Preferably in the Cloud. Thanks in advance!

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For just time tracking & expense logging you can probably "make do" with Google applications. I'd use a google form for employee data capture. This limits them to just adds as well as blocking access to recorded data. Good Luck!



I've been hooked on using JIRA/Confluence for awhile now - you can track the time in the tasks with a few plugins and then use another plugin to develop a budget.




here are some cloud tools




Freshbooks is popular for time tracking / invoicing work - freshbooks.com


Hi Peter , for client engagement tracking and budgeting I would suggest you to evaluate a CRM platform provided by many different companies .

You will soon find a best fit for your need.

There are many available in the market both with big names like SAP, Oracle etc and also open source easily usable.

But your solution is in CRM which is Client Relationship Management.

Best Of Luck,

North York, Canada

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