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Business cards: How would I design mine?

I am starting to make a lot more business contacts, but I'm a bit old fashioned so I still like getting business cards instead of people just asking to add me on Linkedin. How do I design a business card, and what kind of design should I go with? I dont have any solid design experience, so I think a clean modern look without the bells and whistles would work.

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When I was starting up my business I invested a bit of money with a graphic designer to create my logo and some graphics elements that I used for both my business cards and website. Then, for my business cards, I printed them using Vista Print but with my custom graphics (cost is reasonable and I was able to create the business card myself quite easily, even though I'm not a designer). I'd say it depends on your what your business is, but for me, as a marketing and PR agency, the investment in some custom graphic design for logo and background elements I've used for various purposes was well worth it.


I would start by taking a look at other people's designs:


Take a look at these and see if any of them pop out at you. Instead of just flat out copying one of them, try and channel that inspiration to create something similar yet distinctive.

Your business card represents you. When people look back at the card you gave them the day before, they might forget the short interaction so that card has to represent you.

You could either start with a template or from scratch, but make sure you put your own little spin on whatever design you go with. Plan it out in your head and then lay it out by sketching it. Use that sketch to guide your design.

This tool works great for layout design: https://www.lucidpress.com/

Great. Would you also suggest that I make a logo for myself? Or do I just go with a stylized version of my initials.


Business cards are definitely not "old school". They are a necessity especially if you plan to network much. My pet peeve on business cards is fancy fonts that I can't read . . . "is that an e or an o". Stick with the basic fonts. Also, make sure the font is large enough to read. If it crowds the front of the card too much to get all the information you need, consider putting secondary information like social media information on the back. Make your name bold and larger than the rest of the information. As I get older, it's harder to read cluttered cards with small, fancy fonts. If I can't read it, it goes in the trash.


Hi Max. Business cards are still a great way to establish contact. Yes, keep them clean and simple, with a clear message and you can even include a Call-to-Action (offer) on the card, depending on the type of business you have. Check out Creative Market or Envato for design templates. Good luck!


Differentiates Your Business From Your Competitors – A well thought of brand, will enable your company to easily highlight its core strengths. Therefore at a glance, potential customers will be able to see how you stand apart from the competition based on your projected image.

A well designed identity system can place your business above your competitors, especially if paired with an excellent marketing strategy. Helps You Attract More Clients – A growing customer base; this is what every entrepreneur dreams of. Having a polished, professional image will attract customers looking for a well defined company to do business with.

Resource Link: http://scafidi.com/brand-identity-branding-business/


I would agree with Eduardo. Try Vista Print. They have a lot of templates you can look through and it will make the design process very easy. You can design it on their site using one of their templates and have something that is professional and reasonably priced.


Hire a professional designer to avoid wasting time on dyi design that looks like rubbish. Let the pros do it they will take care of all the design and printing for you.


Be careful of choosing a 'stock' design from an on-line printer. I know three people with three different businesses who use the same art from Vistaprint. It looks ridiculous for each of them. Find a graphic designer who can create one that's yours and only yours. A local printshop or chamber of commerce can give you a referral.


You need options. I have some for you.

Here are two resouces ffor you. Two really good, inexpensive resources. Plenty of help. #1 http://www.vistaprint.com/
#2 http://www.gotprint.com/

These are so cheap you could order a couple of different designs to suit your networking activities. Here to help.


a lot of people use Vista Print, but it all depends. If you want a nice solid Design because first impressions matter in your line of work, then you should get a designer to craft you one, but if it is simply to exchange info, then Vista Print should suffice.

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