Business cards: portrait or landscape?

I need to figure out whether to have a portrait or a landscape business card for a newly opened Bank which wants to give a modern image coupled with simplicity banking.

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Even if you are planning to seem more modern and creative through your business card design, I would recommend the traditional landscape format for a bank.

The people should, as you already mentioned, associate your financial institution with simplicity and should feel save, whether they are Generation Y, X, whatever…stick with the vertical design and show what you’ve got in a clear, modern but not too playful design, highly quality material (if you want to stick out, try something new or creative in ink, material etc.).

I wish you best of luck and hope the answer is of any use to you!


I don't think it should matter as long as you are getting your message across. I've seen people use both types and they are capable of having a modern image with the simplicity you want. I would think it would all lie in how it's designed. To me, landscape looks the best. But I've also seen some very good cards in vertical format. Again, it all depends on the overall design.


Vertical would be considered more modern, but that's not necessarily universally true. Whatever you do, maintain the orientation for both sides.


In line with most peoples wallets and card holders landscape is the way to go.


I personally have seen landscape business cards working really well. The main factor is to see how well the information is communicated keeping the branding guidelines intact.


Your image matter, and things like this also matter!

You need to consider what it says about your business?

For a start having a portrait card [if done well] would certainly say that you take a "Different" approach to business, weather it say simplicity is another matter. Form should reflect function, that's the best way I can put it!

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it really depends on the overall design.
What's your logo like? your logo and company name design can give you a clue which would be better for you.




If you are considering for your own business in Graphic Design, stand out and go vertical...I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to most clients, unless they are in an artsy or eclectic type of business.


I would recommend square business cards or a unique, new shape. Here is a company that produces square cards although there are many others:

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