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What type of documentation would I need for my store front?

One thing I want to do is have my own online hair website. What legal documentation would I need for that? How much would it cost? I also want to do a hair salon/nail salon/barber shop/eyelash extension/t-shirt type business. Yes, all in one place. If that makes any sense. I know it costs a lot, but I am financially stable and can afford it. What type of documentation would I need for my store front? How much would it cost? Would I need a LLC and a tax id number for both my website and my store front? How would I go about that? Thanks for reading.

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That is a question for your attorney. Laws are different in each state and many cities also have their on unique requirements. Do not take advice from anyone other than a professional in your state.

As for the type of business, that is also a discussion to have with your attorney. You should also consult with your accountant as well, since there are different tax implications for each type of business.


I suggest you meet with a Score Counselor in your area----he/she can help guide you all this with the development of a business plan etc.......


I have written hundreds of TOS, Privacy Policies, etc. See my blog at http://www.lawyerjaffe.com/2016/12/legal-steps-opening-new-app-e-commerce-website-blog-2/ to see a list of questions you should ask any Internet attorney about starting your store front.

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