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Can a mold made for a specific application be patented?

I developed a mold to hold epoxy in a specific shape while it bonds to another part. It's for a specific application in an explicit category, for lack of a better word. Can I patent this? Or is the "mold" category too broad for patenting? Looking for some perspective here.

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While I hold several patents and not an attorney, sounds to be a process and should be claimable depending on what is existing. I suggest doing some boolean searches on the USPTO initially to see what is out there. Then make a decision of whether to file a provisional and the timing of such depending on how you wish to benefit from promoting the idea.

Anonymous User

If your patent application is specific enough not to include all those moulds already created there is no reason why it cannot be patented - provided that there is no Prior Art in the records. It is all in the wording, so a prior art check is worth doing. It's quite easy on the EU site, www.espacenet.com to put in some keywords and find results - then you check the claims of those results.
It takes time, but it is the most important step, as there is no point in reinventing the wheel. The application will fail.
I hope that helps. Malcolm

Anonymous User


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