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Can anyone assist me with my pitch deck?

I am new to business.com and I have been reading a lot of exciting articles.

Also, I'm aware of the amazing community here and I thought I could seek your assistance reviewing my investor's pitch deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uYQvUGKnCXz3Fsz55a1zOPaZWJkBUk0z/view

You can find more information about the startup on www.pastecs.com.

I look forward to getting your feedback.


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The first step is to have someone edit your deck. It currently has mixed tenses, missing punctuations, and inconsistent phrasing.

For example, the first slide "Lecture Attendance is stressful. We just simplified it"

Missing punctuation.
Stressful isn't the opposite of Simple. Lecture attendance management is difficult - we make it simple. OR
Lecture attendance is stressful. We make it worry-free.

The rest of the pitch deck needs the same kind of work. I suggest you hire a good editor with a marketing background.

Thanks for the feedback

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