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Can anyone recommend a good team communication tool?

I am working with a few people on a project and we keep sending around a lot of emails. I don't want to use a complex project management tool, as I think that would be too much. I would like to find a simple way to communicate without clogging up our inboxes. Thanks for any recommendations.

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You might try "Hall" or "HipChat" - both have private and group chats available - gets email out of your inbox.


What about Google Apps in combination with ZOHO. It does pretty much everything out of the box - depending on what you want to use it for.

I am not working for ZOHO, lol - but I found it all integrates as and when needed, modular - 2 weeks free trial.


Check out SLACK.com

this is my favorite collaboration tool, you setup your own community or team in 5 minutes and you're set

Also it can integrate with other Apps, like Trello for visual project mgmt.
It is a MUST have for team working


Honestly, if you don't want to be emailing files around, a SharePoint site is very easy. If you already have Office 365, or you work for a company of more than a few dozen people, it is VERY likely you have a Sharepoint installation available to you. If not, the next best thing for sharing files is OneDrive, which is free and easy to use. When I was collaborating among three authors, and three more folks at my publisher for my latest book, we used my free OneDrive for everything.

If you want the tool for tracking tasks, on the other hand, consider JIRA. You can set up a KANBAN board or SCRUM project in a few clicks. It's quick, simple, and visual. Moving a task from one status to another moves it on a visual board, and you can review with the entire team easily on that board. I've seen Jira used for many sizes of projects, from one person to teams of 20. If you have a larger team, a better tool is needed.

Good luck.


Zoom lets you share a screen for example a spreadsheet as well as video communications. Chat and records the session for those who could not be present.


Try Asana, its pretty cool and easy to use. www.asana.com. Also here's a link to a few more worthwhile cloud-based tools - http://bit.ly/rmptools


I provide back-office support for small businesses and I have clients who use Asana, Project Bubble, Smartsheet, and Basecamp. If I had to choose one over the others, it would be Basecamp. For meetings I like Teamviewer or Join.me


we are using a few tools from them here. which works perfectly for our work.
They can make a demo for you to try


Try Trello or Basecamp it has a friendly use features for project management been using these platforms for awhile and I must say so far so good.


As a recording secretary of a non-profit, I use Google Docs/Drive to write out my documentation. I like it because you can save and delete files as you go and you get to share documents and be able to give other people the privilege to edit, comment by e-mail or have them view it and respond in what they think and since you own the document, you can control these operations from time to time and if that fails, I would go with Asana as a back up.

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