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Can anyone recommend a good team communication tool?

I am working with a few people on a project and we keep sending around a lot of emails. I don't want to use a complex project management tool, as I think that would be too much. I would like to find a simple way to communicate without clogging up our inboxes. Thanks for any recommendations.

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I have lots of business coaching clients, and the best tool I found which works great is Basecamp. You can get a 60-day free trial. This way I can track all the conversations, send files, audio, videos, get feedback from the team.

I hope this helps.


I can understand your problem pretty well, being a manager myself, it is very difficult to communicate softly and without interruption with the colleague. You can definitely try these option.

1) Slack - Slack is a popular app for team communication and collaboration featuring instant messaging, file sharing, audio/video calls, powerful search and the largest number of integrations among competitors.

2) Chanty - Chanty is an AI-powered business messenger and a single notification center that we are building. It’s designed to organize your workflows and bring all of your communication, collaboration and notifications into one place.

3) Flock - Flock is a team communication app from India featuring instant messages, multiple integrations, built-in to-dos and polls. Audio and video calls are available through integration with Appear.in

4) Stride - Stride is a new team communication app from Atlassian. HipChat, their previous Slack alternative is no longer available. Being currently in beta, Stride lets you communicate with your team in private and public rooms, organize company workflows, make audio and video calls.

5) Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams, as a part of Office 365 package, is a team communication tool designed for enterprises. With its powerful, yet not very intuitive functionality, MS Teams offers you an instant chat, audio/video calls through Skype for Business and useful integrations with Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Hope this will help!



One of my favorite topics, and others have responded with excellent suggestions. I will reiterate that before jumping in with a tool, you're clear on what it is you want it to do, and how you plan to use it. Also good to know/think about: how easy will it be to onboard the team? That is, is this a tool they can easily adopt, or will there be a steep learning curve?

Like April, I'm a big fan of Wunderlist, especially for those just getting started with these types of tools, mostly because it's intuitive and easy to adopt - and it's got lots of great features just waiting under the surface for you to explore!

I'm curious: have you landed on a tool, and if so, which one, and how's it going?


Great suggestions everyone. While I have used many of the others mentioned, my favorite is still good old Basecamp. It is simple to use, easy to learn and a great archiving system.


Try these:





We use DropBox. So easy to share documents to edit, perfect for an interaction and communications tool.
Also Microsoft Access has some great tools for this purpose you require.
All the best Kate!!
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Anonymous User

www.basecamp.com free and paid versions!!


Honestly, if you don't want to be emailing files around, a SharePoint site is very easy. If you already have Office 365, or you work for a company of more than a few dozen people, it is VERY likely you have a Sharepoint installation available to you. If not, the next best thing for sharing files is OneDrive, which is free and easy to use. When I was collaborating among three authors, and three more folks at my publisher for my latest book, we used my free OneDrive for everything.

If you want the tool for tracking tasks, on the other hand, consider JIRA. You can set up a KANBAN board or SCRUM project in a few clicks. It's quick, simple, and visual. Moving a task from one status to another moves it on a visual board, and you can review with the entire team easily on that board. I've seen Jira used for many sizes of projects, from one person to teams of 20. If you have a larger team, a better tool is needed.

Good luck.


Realtime Board is a great team collaboration tool for your staff & project team. It is geared more towards collaboration.

For both collaboration and project management, I agree heavily with Allen Batten's response to use Zoho. We use that platform.

Anonymous User

teamwork.com is perfect for what you need.

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