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Can anyone tell me the best off-page SEO strategy that actually works?

For example, if we are going to rank a product site like jewelry.


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Just Find Good Domain Authority sites related to Fashion and try to post your link or content on that site.

NOWADAYS, Content marketing is the best way to create Link building which helps you to boost your rank on major search engine.

List your business in local community with help of Google My Business.

Social Bookmark your link on various sites ( Choose Top 10 Top Sites of Social Bookmarking )

As per your product category, Choose Social media for your product branding and attract related audience then be smart to convert them into customer.

If you need any other help from my side and ask me anytime.

Website: http://cutt.us/CEDl9


Anonymous User

And comment on related blog site. This will link back to your website if the site is do-follow and if no-follow, you will get good traffic if the site is ranking very well and have alot of readers like Viperchill


Take a look at the list of best off-page SEO strategy now in trend.

1. Social Media Engagement : If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, engage with people on multiple social media platforms. Social media presence will help grow your business and also help you get more back links.



google plus



2. Social Bookmarking Sites : Social bookmarking sites are one of the best platforms to promote your website. When you bookmark your webpage or blog post on popular social bookmarking websites, you gain high traffic to your webpage or blog. like StumbleUpon

3. Forum Submission : Participate in search forums which are related to your website and business and make a connection with that community. Reply to threads, answer people’s questions and give your suggestions and advice. like Flickr: The Help Forum

4. Article Submission : Submit your articles in a high PR article submission directory. You can also give links to your website. Make sure your content is unique and of high quality. Low quality content and content that has more keyword stuffing might get rejected. like Free News, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Classic Books

5. Video Submission : If you want to make your videos popular, head to popular video submission sites. Give a proper title, description, tags and reference links. It is one of the more popular ways to get quality back links because all video submission websites have high PR. like YouTube

6. Document Sharing : Create attractive documents relating to your business or blog. The documents should have unique content and should be in either pdf or ppt formats. Submit these documents in the document sharing websites. like SlideShare.net

7. Infographics Submission : Make creative infographics. These days, infographics are getting popular on the internet. Submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and give reference links to your webpage or blog. The image sizes differ with different websites. like Premium Content Creation for Better Marketing

8. Question and Answer : One of the best ways you can get high traffic is from question and answer websites. Join high PR question and answer sites and search for questions related to your business, blog or website and give clear answers to these questions. Give a link to your website which will help in bringing you more visibility. like https://www.quora.com/

9. Image Submission : Share your photos on popular image submission websites. Before submitting your images please optimize them with the correct URL and title tag. Before submitting your images, check if they have a proper title, description and tags. like Flickr, a Yahoo company



If all the on page is done correctly then I suggest you to start of with Business listings (crunchbase, aboutus, etc.) sites. Once you are done with Business listings, you can do some directories (Some directories wont hurt). If you have budget i suggest paid directories as they are not harmful and will provide instant boost in rankings. Other things to follow are relevant Forums (remember not to spam), relevant and ethical blog comments, classifieds listing and social bookmarking of your website.

Some must-do things are:
Google Maps Listing
Google Business Page
Competitor backlinks (from Ahrefs)

Let me know if you need more help :)



I agree with the previously presented commentary. As of yet, I haven't found a single best off-page SEO strategy, but I have had some success with a combination of tactics to increase site traffic. Attached are two articles that I have found quite useful to my small business marketing strategy. I have found the points suggested in the Mallee Blue Media post, quite helpful in off site linking to improve SEO results.

Best of luck,




Despite on-page or off-page optimization. CONTENT IS KING

Search Engine Optimization, whether it is on-page or off-page. This field needs transparency in each step. Because search engine is the platform for experiments of tactics and intelligence. In short Real Intelligence is serving Real Intelligence through Artificial Intelligence.

Unfortunately, people around the internet perceive and perform experiments in a negative way and busy in scams and spams, even started paid work to become organic one. Hard to accept.

No one can claim He/She has read the algorithm or even a hint about it. It is all about what Google told and guide us about its algorithm. Rest are only rumors.

I can present you the best off-page strategy of experts, but you would not be agreed. You know why! You know that Why... You are unique!!

There are millions and trillions of off-page strategies but quality and relevancy should keep in mind.

The point is, nothing came new in SEO. SEO itself remains brand new every moment. That's the beauty of SEO.

So my saying is everyone gets same data from search engines to optimize for the same search engines.

What am I Trying to say? A very simple off-page strategy:

1- Business Listing

2- Directory Submission

3- Blog Commenting

4- Participate in Forum Discussion

5- Q&A Participation

6- Press Release Submission

7- Guest Posting

8- Video Marketing

9- Slide Sharing

10- Infographic Submission

11- Content Optimization

12- Link building
13- So on
14- So on
15- So on

Participate in all Digital marketing platforms with responsibility and consciousness.

What do off-page demands:

Off-page optimization strategy totally depends upon the link building structure and Keyword Research based created content. The quality of content is based on multiple standards e.g Uniqueness of the content, rich SEO content etc.
Off-page optimization demands strong communication skills, IT skills, PR skills, and much more.

P.S: Every relevant website can be helpful for off-page optimization strategy if you give at least 1 hour dedicatedly.


ON-SITE SEO is something you can play around with in the beginning of your site launch. This is the content creation, formatting and site structure aspects of your site. OFF-SITE SEO is all about the promotion of your content, such as social media, link building and guest blogging on other sites.

SEO and organic rankings in Google are still one of the best ways to increase traffic and market your site or business online.

SEO is all about the content you create and how you promote it.

No matter what niche market you are in, it’s extremely important to know your audience and what type of content they want. This will help with SEO and ranking for long tail keywords that your audience is likely typing into Google.

Also make sure you niche down as much as possible, as this is where you are going to find opportunity and be able to potentially establish your site as an authority and trusted resource for information.

If you want to improve your site’s SEO and make your content better than what’s currently out there, it’s all about the content creation and content promotion plans you have for your site. These are the two most important things to remember.

CONTENT CREATION - Only create great content that provides real value and is better than what’s currently already out there. Google your competition, see what type of content they have, then create something better and be sure to include stats and visuals when possible.

CONTENT PROMOTION - With over a billion active websites and blogs online, there is already way too much content out there. Without the necessary content promotion, your site is just going to get lost in the mix. You need to continually promote your content to new audiences.

To better explain all of the above and how you can use such methods to increase traffic on your own site let’s cover the many components that go into a great marketing and branding plan to grow a website or blog. Not only will content creation come into play, it’s also how much effort you put into your content promotion as well.

In the world of blogging, this can be done in a number of ways.

We are currently using the following methods to increase traffic, backlinks and exposure to our sites:

- High quality blog content, case studies and tutorials
- Social media to connect with new audiences and share blog content
- The creation of shareable content like infographics
- Guest blogging and article contributions on other sites
- Creating expert round ups of other top bloggers and industry influencers
- Getting interviewed on other podcasts and running a podcast of our own

If you implement these tips into your own marketing and content creation efforts you should see continued success.

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