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Anonymous User

Can excessive social media posting hurt a brand?

I'm in the sports and entertainment industry which puts more emphasis on social media engagement to get your brand recognized than other industries. I've noticed a negative correlation with how many times we post a day to the number of followers or likes. What is the expected amount of social media engagement? (# of tweets per day, polls, started discussions and replies)

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YES. It can hurt your brand.

But, instead of worrying about how posting practices affect vanity metrics like followers, shares, likes, etc., I would be much more concerned with how spending time on social is actually equating to top line growth for your business. This is so critical for small business owners because resources are constrained and in my experience, social media just doesn't provide a positive return for most small business owners. That's not to say it can't work, but there are a myriad of other ways to spend your time that can actually drive real growth.

Here's why: everything you do (or pay someone to do) has an opportunity cost. By choosing to spend tons of time/resources on posting to social media channels, you're forgoing something else that could be driving a better ROI for you. Finding successful tactics that provide the best ROI is what will boost your brand.

Anonymous User

Thanks for the note. I think we have stuck so close to social media because that seems to be what other sports industry influencers are doing. Maybe we need to diversify our approach until we are larger.

Love it, Kathleen :-)

Anonymous User

Hi Gabriel, I've been doing Digital Marketing for over 11+ years now and I run a leading UK marketing and development company called Odyssey New Media (odysseynewmedia.com).

In answer to your question, I would say yes it can hurt a brand, primarily in these two areas

1) Post relevancy is too low - If you are excessively posting content/links/images that users don't want then this is irrelevant and not useful to the user. Make sure posts are relevant, as engaging as possible (images/video work best) and give the user something - i.e. funny joke (laughs), informative Meme (information), stunning picture (wow factor) etc.

2) Post frequency is too high - If you are posting excessively it can annoy and lead to people unfollowing you. I have seen this happen and have done it myself if a brand is clogging up my newsfeed all the time with boring content. I want to see a variety of posts from friends and a range of brands/companies that I follow. As a general rule, I would not post more than 2 times a day, unless it was an hourly flash sale promotion or something like that. Keep your followers hungry for your next post by not feeding them too much. Its often the case people appreciate quality over quantity.

With care and attention to the best times to post as well, if you are posting relevant, quality content/images/videos that people like then it can lead to more follows/engagement etc.

I hope that makes sense. These are my views from experience. If you have any questions or think we could help, please don't hesitate to contact me rob (at) odysseynewmedia (dot) com.


Odyssey New Media

Anonymous User

Thanks Rob, these are great guidelines to follow. Appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Anonymous User

Thanks Gabriel! Glad to be of help :)


Hi Gabriel,

This is a great question. I would let your audience tell you. Each social media platform is a little different. In general, Facebook followers don't want their newsfeed full of all your posts. However, Twitter moves quickly and more posts are often required.

I recommend over time to test post frequency and be sure to post during high traffic times. Use your analytics to see when posts receive the most engagement and be sure to keep posting during those time periods.

And of course, post content that is of great value to your audience.

Hope that helps!
Charlotte Chipperfield
CEO & Founder of Chipperfield Media LLC.

Anonymous User

Hey Charlotte, we haven't spent much time reviewing social media analytics yet. That is something we can do. Thanks for the suggestion.


You're asking the wrong question in my opinion. The RIGHT QUESTION should be, "Is what I am posting incredibly HELPFUL to my desired and targeted audience?" If the answer is NO, then posting often will annoy and irritate and drive away your audience...fast! If the answer is YES, then you almost can't post too often because your audience finds so much value in what you are posting they can't wait for the next one. The only other overlay question I would ask is what is their "appetite for consumption" of content. Even if everything you post is awesome, audiences can only absorb the content in doses that fit their level of consumption (I'm actually posting a piece for my blog an LinkedIn Pulse on this topic today). Hope this helps...

Anonymous User

Hi Blaine, I'd be interested to read your article. I think you make good points. Can you share with us?


First, the post frequency vs. engagement varies with social network you're using. Fast paced networks like Twitter is good with as many as 10 posts a day whereas Facebook works well with 2 posts a day with a decent time difference.

Second, timings of your post matters to get the most accurate data and conclusion on engagement vs. post.

Third, content quality, variation and relevancy will also decide the engagement factor.

Hopefully the answer helps.

Anonymous User

Facebook can reduce your average if you makes an abussive use. Optim volume of daily posts is never up to 2 per day. In case of Twitter, you can use a more extensive frequency (even 6-8 tweets per day).

Anonymous User

It's not a question about what you publish; Facebook considers than make a lot of daily posts is a spam practice and fall down your engagement. Anyway, better your content are, better your engagement will be, that's logical...


Hi Gabriel,

I think it depends on what you will share. If you share irrelevant posts, images, and content then it hurt brand otherwise not.


Be simple yet effective advertising can improve your exposure to the public, be more specific about what you advertising. Don't bombard your social media with repeated advertising of the same products

Anonymous User

Using the right content, NO.


I started with thrice a week & Now I post once a day. It is my preference. I have been doing it since last two years. Never had any problems with my posts. Sponsored Ads. might work well.

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