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Anonymous User

Where can I find a patent lawyer that will work on a flat fee basis?

I have to file a continuation-in-part to answer a office action. My present law firm wants $5,000. I can not afford this. There is also an issue if I give the complete information, then I am sure the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industrial Security will declare this patent application classified.

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$5,000 sounds like a flat fee. Do you want cheaper or flat? My experience is that many patent attorneys are willing to work on a flat fee basis, but it doesn't make things better if you cannot afford the fee. If you are looking for cheaper, look outside the big cities. Patent attorneys in Boston, NY, San Fran, LA, DC, have really taken patent pricing into a new stratosphere.

Another option is to contact law schools like UNH School of Law that have an IP clinic. You may be able to have some work done on the cheap by students.

On the second issue, if you don't disclose the information, you cannot protect the information with a patent. You need to decide if a patent or a trade secret makes more sense. If a patent makes more sense, then you need to take the chance that the application will be classified.

Good luck Francis.

I totally agree. What are you targeting, targeting group?

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