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What is the best business trick or idea in any field that would lead to large pay off?

I am looking for some ideas to develop my own business. It is best if your legendary advice is based on low investment because I am only 17 years old.

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Buy low, and sell high.

Other than this, there is no 'business trick' to large payoff(s), (that are legal, that is!)

Anonymous User

There is no real short cut to a large pay off, its the long game and building up a solid business in a field you are interested in. The best advice is to decide what industry you want to work in, do your research and have a business plan. Always be prepared to not make anything in the first couple of years and of you do, its a bonus. There is no real quick fix although many online sites will promise this. Good luck.


Expecting big from the small investment is not a great idea to running a business.

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