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What is the best strategy to find new customers, either B2B or final customers?

Hi there!
We need a strategy to find new customers, either B2B or final customers. We are a creative studio with a focus on game-based content.
Our website:

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Hi Marlon,

Great question! This is what I coach my clients on everyday. There are 3 ways to get the best results.

1) Become an expert in your field - Research, study and create content for your field that is valuable. What I do is create videos for my YouTube Channel - CoachDavidBrownlee. It helps establish myself as a professional in my industry. The bigger impact for me is that it truly adds value to my prospects and they get to know and trust me. I get a lot of incoming inquiries from companies looking to hire me. The sale at that point is simple because they know that they already want to hire me.

2) Start an automated online sales funnel - Mail chimp, Infusionsoft, SalesForce - these are all great CRMs where you can send automated email campaigns to your prospects so they can come to trust and know you. Take your items of value (white paper, videos, free consultations, etc) and offer them through emails that go out automatically to prospects every week or so.

3) Follow up system - this is where you pick up the phone and call. I recommend 6 touches. For example: I make a call and leave a voicemail, then send a follow up email saying I am sorry I missed them and then I'll call them back, then I do. If I miss them again, I leave a voicemail and then send another email saying sorry I missed them and I will call them back. Then I call again stating "This is my last call" and then email and say, "this is my last email." At that point if they are interested I almost always get a call or an email back.

These 3 steps will get you started. Practice and have fun with it. It works every time - so know that going in. I have clients that have doubled their revenue in less than 6 months by using this technique and others that I teach.
I hope this was helpful. If you have more questions or want to reach out to me, find me at david@davidbrownlee.com.

Coach David Brownlee


Hi Marlon,
Great question.
Just some simple things you can already do from your existing customer base.
Work out who your 10 and 20 customers are.
Identify which market streams they are in.
Identify their position in that market place.
If they are not #1-4, the ones that are automatically become your targets.
If they are #1, then numbers 2-4 are your next targets.

Also look at sales and margins the same way. Apply the 80/20 rule.
80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers.
This will tell you which markets are more profitable.

I have also checked out your website.
I found it hard to quickly walk through an actual game. So it was hard for me to experience and see how this works. Even more so in an English language.

You talk about what it is, but you don't highlight what your product will actually do for me. You need to answer the unasked question. "What's in it for me?"

I trust this part is helpful to you.
There is a lot more to be said, but for a quick response and direction, the above will at least get you on the right track.
Good luck.
Please contact me If you want further advice and suggestions,


Identify the specific profile of your ideal customer, find out what would improve their life/business in a big way, write about it and send it to the audience. Today it's critical to think in terms of "Pull" instead of "Push" for attracting customers. We have all gotten really good at finding the delete key and when you "push" things at them that are "all about you" they delete it. When they are "all about them" they pay attention. Focus on "helping " them do better at what they do or improve their personal or professional lives and they will want to "pull" you into their world.


First of all, have you determined your target market and defined your ideal client. Do you know their geographic and demographics? What problem do they have? How do you solve that problem? What result will they see from your solution?


Elaborate partner program for B2B and use game-based content to attract end users.


OwnIt.com is a website where there are a lot of business owners that you can network with, share your story, ask a question, promote your business etc.

You can also do a lot of social networking and go to business networking events.


Hello Marlon

Before you embark on tactical activities make sure you have a big picture strategy. You need a Marketing Plan.

To help you develop your plan you need to answer these 10 questions: https://vimeo.com/141968027

And I strongly agree with Walter's answer.

To your success,

Kevin Toney
the Marketing Coach


I love your ideas and the creativity that you show.... It is different and unique... I think you need a good marketing plan with a sales plan to follow up on. If there is anyway you can work with an organization or 2 and create for them working with you as you develop prototypes for them?

I would also try to get am a Dias and show and tell about your company... Make cold calls, use videos on social media, but remember you have only about 20 seconds to get their attention

Your benefits need to addressed a little bit more, you have great features now tell us how they benefit us...

Anonymous User

Hi Marton, you could also buy '1001 Ways to Get More Customers' by Chris Cardell and Jonathan Jay. It is full of practical tips.


The key is to use processes that are proven to work, and organize your efforts in an entire campaign (not as complicated as it sounds).

A campaign is the process of finding your prospects, turning them into leads, engaging them, and converting them to clients. Each stage needs to have pre-defined proven-to-work and coordinated processes to be successful (again not as difficult as it sounds).

I just completed a free online training event on "Creating Your KILLER Marketing Campaign", which you can review by going to this link: http://bit.ly/2bEYErj

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