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Can you recommend a payroll service for a start-up?

I seek complete payroll services that includes tax withholdings, federal and state filings, and W2s. And, of course I am seeking something - good and cheap - advice welcomed.

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The best answer to this question usually begins by asking what accounting solution you are using? Personally I like Intuit Payroll. Intuit Payroll was designed to be fast and easy to use. This means you can get in, complete your payroll, and get out within minutes. It offers the additional value of seamless integration with QuickBooks. You'll be amazed by how much time you can save when you pair the two. I also think Intuit products are affordable. Having started three businesses myself, affordability initially drove all my decisions. A little older, and hopefully wiser, I tend to do more research. Here I recommend that you look at products from Intuit and Peachtree. Both offer quality solutions. Paychex could also be an option. Again, save yourself grief and pick a solution that works with your accounting software.


I have used Pay Choice in Danvers, MA for years and the experience has been nothing but positive. They are affordable and I believe this type of service is worth the money spent to outsource in terms of peace of mind in knowing that you are paying the right taxes at the right time, out of each paycheck. www.paychoice.com Good luck!


I love Intuit Payroll because you can still have hands on to everything if you like, but not have to worry about the taxes.


Work Perks in San Diego


Shaun one of our service partners is BenePay. They can assist you with your needs at very competitive prices. They can be reached by calling Kevin Hall at 727-460-0799. Feel free to use my name when you touch base.



You've pointed it for a start-up. In such a case, I'd like you to look at IGSBookkeeping. Serving the small as well high reputed businesses, they offer multiple services in dealing with business accounts, payroll, books, etc.

Hopefully, the best factor to note them is - they charge you in meaningful ways with no additional costs, as well the services rendered are at high level of satisfaction.

You can be getting a depict when looking at their services.

Good Luck!


Mr Shaun, the best payroll service is SAP. However it suits the international working with flexi timings etc. However IBM can help you have an interface to SAP so that the data pertaining to India can be customized. Pls do try it out.
Florence MacDonald


Really appreciate the feedback here. After consulting many of the services suggested here and elsewhere, I am inclined to proceed with Solex.

In my quote to provide full payroll services
- Monthly direct deposit and tax admin $39/mo and $0.80 for each additional employee or independent contractor
- W2s - annual $35 base fee + $4 per employee
- No other hidden costs
- They also offer integration with Quickbooks

While I found a few others charging less, Solex seems much more transparent and guarantee their price for 2 years!


Finally, I was intrigued by a new service, https://zenpayroll.com/ with a $25 base price but unclear about hidden costs where they have no phone number on their home page although high regarded among Silicon Valley startups.

Thanks again to all for the great suggestions.

Thanks for sharing your choice, I'm always looking for payroll services to recommend to start up clients. I have used Zen before, and I didn't have a problem with hidden fees. The only issues I encountered is they don't pay employees in all 50 states yet, and they don't allow very much customization at all. For example, you can't even add an earnings code for Holiday Pay. Again, thanks for sharing the link to Solex, I'll check them out for future reference!


Personally, I'm very happy with MontPac http://www.montpac.com/. I can recommend them - if you're looking for a full-service, which is good & cheap.


Always seek recommendations from your local area. For example, Chamber of Commerce or other business groups. In the DFW area I would recommend ExponentHR.

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