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What are the best practices to increase Facebook and Twitter followers for a career management company?

I'd like to learn the best practice for using hash tags as well. Which are the better approaches for elevating a brand and increasing followers?

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Engaging with people by asking questions and answer their questions is the best way. Just making conversation without trying to promote yourself. It's called SOCIAL media for that reason. Post valuable content that your potential customers will be interested in. More than just about your business. Do a little promoting through other platforms like Youtube, website, PR, and so on. This will get things going and than have a natural growth from there. Don't pay for ads!


Hi Vamsi.. My name is Christy, and I seriously just signed up and haven't even filled in my profile, lol, but I saw your question and decided to hop in if you'd like my two cents. Since, obviously, I'm not terribly familiar with the back-and-forth conversation format (is you're up to it, and trust that I have some insight on the topic, I would probably have about another 3 - 4 questions for you to give you actionable, practical help to get you going. so, all of that to say I'm not sure if the additional questions would be appropriate for messaging or right here on the question page. I'll let you take the lead on that one. :-)

Okay… First question: I perused your profile and your website and understand what you're wanting to offer. However, so that you are not just groping in the dark per se, tell me whom or what kind of businesses would be your ideal customer? As specifically as you can, including geographic and demographic info, to whom are you wanting to get your brand in front of? Even if it might be difficult to fully answer that yet if you're not sure, any info will let me give you more help.

Happy to talk to you soon, assuming you are up to a member of all of about 10 minutes :-)

Please inbox your message.


Hi Vamsi,

While I don't really know anything about career management, I can tell you that the best way to generally increase social media presence is through providing meaningful content. Social media, like much else, is a self-interest driven concept. People will follow twitter pages and like facebook pages that they see as relevant, and interesting. So if you offer content for free on your social media accounts that will interest your audience, it should come naturally, although maybe slowly.

As for hash tags, you'll want to use ones that are well developed and well followed. Simple research for key career management social media trends should help you figure out the best ones. Hash tags are how you get in the public eye on twitter for your market, so make sure the content is worthwhile!

Anonymous User

What helped in our company the most was to involve the employees in promoting/spreading the initial messages on social media. The buzz created by employees brought 3 times more interactions than the other means of promotion.

Damn right! Leverage your employees' social capital to boost exposure. Get the conversation going for outsiders to jump into. Basically an ice breaker.


Those two networks are VERY different.

Facebook: I encourage engaging in the conversations on related pages & groups, particularly popular pages that are paying to boost their posts. Your participation will be noticed, also like comments from others in the conversations.

Twitter: Well, engagement is much easier here, so that's a given, lots of it! Follow people in your demographic or with connection into your demographic, then engage more with them specifically. Use RiteTag to find the best hashtags & always use them - always! Hashtagged content is much easier to find and gets more shares. Share articles that would intrigue your target audience, and when you do, hashtag them!

I'd be happy to give you 30 minutes of my time to discuss strategies and services.


Send me a message if you are interested in strategy sessions.

Anonymous User

For a time/profit ratio, Social media is not the best way to raise your brand awareness, it's used primarily as a brand loyalty tool. I would advise against using it to raise your profile.

If you decline my advice, which you have every right to do of course, then use it's strengths, ask your existing members to share their story. SM is all about catching people off-guard when they are relaxing.

Anonymous User

I would of course omit Linkedin from this advice, that actually is a really good tool to raise brand awareness.

I have found enormous potential in SM to drive new traffic, new sales, and uncover new leads. Automating/systematizing these strategies makes the ROI on the time/profit ratio.

Anonymous User

As a social media consultant, you would be expected to say that. As a social media consultant myself (among other things) I'm saying it's not the best option by a long way.

Can we agree that every industry is different in what works? Investment into any strategy will depend on the KPI's being targeted. Plenty of social media activities are time sucks not worth anyone doing unless they are being paid $2-5/hr, which there are many qualified workers happy to be of service for. Certainly if you can only put your eggs into ONE basket, you'd better choose a bigger basket. :)


Hello ! Lot of questions to have the answers combined. Always remember that marketing via Social Media does not change the approach.
First: What problem do your clients have?
And how will you bring the solution
Then: Marketing is no longer about the products we sell, but the stories we tell.

To divide the answer in all different questions: Please google the frase: How to increase FB Followers, Same for Twitter
Social media is all about visuals but Twitter wants short descriptive punchlines.
There is lots of stuff available on Hashtags.
And Content Marketing is still main purpose of any Marketing Campaign.
Lot of programs will sell you more followers.
I can personally recommend a Social Media Company that has developed amazing marketing tools on all your needs.
But better they developed training videos on every part of SocialMedia4 Business.
Just a few topics: How to start up on facebook, the anatomy of a tweet, what to do and not to do on google, etc
Social Profiles covered in these online training programs are:
Facebook Linkedin Twitter Google Pinterest YouTube


Sodexo does an amazing job on Twitter and LinkedIn. They continually post articles and new announcements that are relevant t the food service industry. This keeps them in the forefront of their competition.

They utilize all of the HR and talent agents to post informative which increases their position in the market. As for Facebook, there are other businesses that do similar. Applebee's is one. They do a good job but lack creativity in pushing each sight to fit more of the need for every town they are in. Example. Applebee's has a FB for every location they have. Each one is cookie cutter posting food that doesn't match the true look. Each FB site has the ability to transform each to its demographic area however they choose not to. Great question!!


It is all about having great content that you can share across these platforms. Social platforms are for customer engagement and developing your customer community. Community engagement is two way, you are looking for their thoughts on subjects as well as sharing information with them. Use the appropriate hashtag that goes with the content you are sharing or the questions you are asking. Also use the 'voice' that is appropriate for your potential market. '


The best practices are the same for increasing any Facebook and Twitter accounts.

1. What is your plan? If you get more followers, why do you want them, what are you going to do with them?
2. It's a social network - so remember to use your 80/20 rule - 80% make the posts fun and educational 20% promotional
3. Identify your target audience and craft your content for "what's in it for them"
4. Be consistent and frequent with your updates
5. Always respond as quickly as possible to comments and questions
6. Review your insights and progress weekly and adjust your updates as need to keep engagement high
7. Use a variety of types of content (videos, articles, blog, photos, infographics, etc)
8. Identify your social influencers within your target market or community and engage with them weekly on their pages, groups or sites
9. Integrate your social with ALL online & offline marketing efforts
10. Everyone uses social platforms differently - adapt your content appropriately to how the users on that platform.

Here is a link to an article about Hashtags that could help you: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140425210558-45870450-how-one-little-symbol-gets-more-customers?trk=prof-post

Wow... Thanks for the information..! Thanks.

My pleasure, if you have other questions please let me know.

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