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Anonymous User

Any recommendations for a coupon management system?

Context: Store owner (medium size retail store) is looking to offer coupons to customers (in this case in exchange for feedback).

I see mainly 2 options:
1. Build/add this functionality into an existing Client Management System
2. Integrate with/use an already existing solution

I would prefer option 2 but, I can't seem to find a stand-alone "coupon management system" via google. Could I be searching for the wrong thing?

Anyone using such a system, if yes, what are you using and what's your experience with it?

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You probably have already investigated this, but I will say it anyway just in case you overlooked this option. Most POS (point of sale) systems have a coupon management module that will allow you to apply coupon to specific products or against the total, track the expiration and track discounts. Additionally, many of these products allow you to generate a pop screen to be used for surveys. Microsoft Retail Management is a solution that comes to mind.

Anonymous User

Hi Joseph,
I actually had not investigated this alley - so your remark pointed me in the right alley - I was looking for a stand-alone coupon management system but I should have been looking for coupon management systems for the POS management software. Thanks you for your answer - it's been very helpful!


http://voucherify.io is a coupon infrastructure through API that provides a quicker way to build coupon generation, distribution and tracking. Unlike legacy coupon software we have:
- an API-first platform that enables customisation of every aspect of coupon campaigns,
- an administrator console that helps cut down maintenance and reporting overhead,
- fast, safe and secure servers to scale up coupon activity in no time



Swipely offers a loyalty program where the client can offer coupons and specials through our dashboard. So Swipely is able to monitor what emails were sent, opened, used and what profit this action brought in. Swipely is able to identify new vs. repeat and best customers so after a certain customer has spent let's say $200, a merchant then can tell us that we can offer a $20 off coupon next time they come into the store. Since we can track when a last visit occurred, we work with the merchant to send a "We miss you" notification and offer an incentive to come back in.

I could walk you through this dashboard, if you'd like. Swipely is of no additional cost to a merchant.


I have a solution that is proving to be extremely effective in providing real-time feedback that simultaneously builds and manages a loyalty/coupon program. The biggest challenge facing any business is getting their customer to actually provide feedback. Business use paper cards, web and mobile surveys and offers on the bottom of receipts but are only realizing an average 6% response rate. FeedbackNow's 3 unique systems, My Smart Billfold, FeedbackOverWifi and FeedbackNow's Counter Mount engages customers at the "point of experience", while they are paying their bill in a restaurant, checking out at a store or logging into the free wifi many businesses provide. One of our restaurant clients realized a significant increase in coupon redemption (with the average ticket doubling).
Our platform offers closes the loop between feedback and loyalty and our control center provides a wealth of reports, analytics, email management, unlimited surveys and coupons for the monthly cost of 2 Starbucks blended coffee a day.
I would welcome the opportunity to demo FeedbackNow. Please contact me at mhoffman@feedbacknow.com. Good luck.


For anyone looking for an easy to use / flexible coupon management system, I recommend www.couponsindemand.com

You can select from multiple coupon template sizes, upload your logo and product images and position your offer text however you wish. It also lets you manage multiple locations and create certain offers for your various locations.

If your website was built using wordpress, then the CouponsInDemand plugin makes it a snap to display your coupons onto your website.


Hi Dragos,

Check out CoupSmart.com. Very easy to use, create your own coupons on demand, promote them through Facebook and get lots of information about your customers, then use the data you've gotten to remarket to them in aggregate or in segments in the future.



Hey Dragos,

Check out Stripe. They handle payment (and are PCI level 1 compliant), and have systems for coupon management.


I got GEO Coupon Commander, but it's probably more for marketers to use as a service to help local businesses increase revenue through coupons. Still, maybe it'll help you. This is an affiliate link: http://jvz9.com/c/66957/28583


I work at http://CashOff.com.

CashOff is a cloud-based Coupon Management System for Business that enables merchants to create and manage online and printable coupons with ease.

The CashOffs are the digital equivalent of traditional coupons but specifically designed to be used in emails, on websites, and on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

You could perhaps check out this new Coupon solution for retailers and small businesses.

http://CashOff.com - Use Promo Code Save120 for 12 Month Free Trail - Ending Soon!


Please have a look at CashOff - create coupons for business, add coupons to Facebook, Print Coupons and more.

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