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Does my business need a landline to have a toll-free number or can I port it to a cell number?

I've had a small home-based business for 25 years with a local landline and a toll-free number, along with a couple of cell phone numbers. We are a sales business and the landline is always forwarded to a cell number. I would love to be rid of the monthly expense of a landline since we only advertise the toll-free number anyway. Can a toll-free number be ported to a cell number without a landline?

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Yes you can. Theres a bunch of companies that do that but you dont need it if its simply a cosmetic expense. You can pay for a (866) or (877) number if you want to, but theres nothing wrong with using your cell number for your business.


You can always port your toll-free numbers to mobile phones. All you need is to have a toll-free number. You can try bitrix24 for your all in project management system.

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