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Do you use webinars for both top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel activities?

I am curious. Do you use webinars to drive top of the funnel activities (such as, promoting yourself as a thought leader) or bottom of the funnel activities (selling a product directly to attendees)?

Can you share the metrics you use to measure the success at both ends of the funnel? What webinar tool(s) have you found most effective? If you can share, what industry niche are you addressing when you deliver the webinar? And lastly, if you were to hire a webinar producer to help you create and deliver the webinar, what would you be willing to pay the producer for a 30 minute webinar and a 1 hour webinar?

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Easy...The most successful promos in the last few years had the following structure:

* 3 recorded explainer videos, timed released (10-30 minutes each)
* Entering funnel within the sequence allows viewing earlier segments
* Build up to live webinar (45-130 minutes)
* Offer made in final webinar (record for later use)
* Leave sequence up with recorded finally webinar as an evergreen funnel

Money wise, the rate you pay a producer depends on the extent you involve them. Consider a similar situation, you can get a good videographer for $250-500/hr, you can pay up to $5k or more for a 1 minute, TV ready, agency developed commercial (script, b-roll, etc.)

Metrics are very important - but also a mixed bag. For example, do you think there will be more returns on a single-shot webinar conversion or one that happens at the end of sequence of views that imply continuing commitment to the topic? Can a higher price be charged for a product at the end of a single webinar or a build-up sequence?

Good luck!

David: Thanks for your insights.


Wayne provided great info below.
Plain and simple - yes to all levels of the funnel you can use 'educational' formats, such as webinars to prospect, retain, and acquire customers.
Yes, there are different strategies for each of those phases of a sales and customer management cycle.
Success metrics would be anything from sign ups vs. attended, growth of mailing list or social networks, purchases/downloads, etc. of whatever you may sell. Conversion from attendance to sale (on appropriate webinars), etc..

Target customer should definitely be considered as to if, how, when, for how long, etc.. you should do a webinar. And industry drives differentiation in content, sales method, etc...Would pay for someone to administrate, pretty up content, manage and host a webinar, but not necessarily create or deliver the content.

Bernadette: Thanks for your feedback. My last question regarding the production of the webinar was aimed directly at what you stated, "someone to administrate, pretty up content, manage and host a webinar" and not necessarily creating or delivering the content, although acting as a moderator might be a useful activity. Based on this, what value would you put on it for a 30 minute or 60 minute webinar?

Value huge.... as anything administration, and not revenue generating, one can delegate or hire has great benefit. Value being an hourly rate? I get creative in my hiring - I barter my services in exchange for free or low rate services/products, I hire interns, I give college grads opportunities, and when needed I hire the expert. In this case that could be a $25 - $45 dollar/hr person.

But don't look at the expense, look at the ROI you would receive from it, i.e. if your webinars will produce sales of $1000 or $10,000.. what is the % of expense to that total.

You have to spend money to make money, but be smart about it - by ensuring that any and all expense gives you an ROI.

Bernadette: Thanks for your follow-up answer.


Wow, a lot of good and difficult questions. Let me see if I can provide some insight. I am doing this on the assumption you are utilizing it for your own business.

Webinars are becoming slightly out of favor only due to the high degree of advertising and/or hard selling that is going on in so many of them. However, if properly promoted and properly constructed, they can be highly effective.

Based on your questions, I am assuming that both webinar uses are for marketing purposes and not for a high fee. In other words, utilized either to sell a product or to demonstrate capability to get a prospect to the next step in your campaign. I use short videos to establish thought-leadership status and webinars for conversion purposes (i.e. bottom of the funnel). Just focusing on the webinar, I will use it after I have done promotion and provided a lead magnet -- to an opt in page. My webinar will sell a product directly if is it a low price product (in my case, something of less than $2000 value to me) and merely set up the next step in the process (free consultations, etc.) if I am selling a product worth more than $2000 to me.

I can't overemphasize enough the importance of each step around the webinar, as well as the structure of the webinar itself. I have a complete template for the webinar itself, as well as the communication process around it (a lot of auto-responder stuff). I have spent a fair amount of money learning and putting it all together.

I use GoToWebinar, although other people swear by different systems. I use GoToMeeting alot for screen share meetings, and thus it is all one package. It seems to work pretty consistently. I use LeadPages to design opt in landing pages, which integrates with GoToWebinar as well as my autoresponder CRM.

This might be TMI and too confusing. If I can be of any direct help with respect to webinars, feel free to private message me at wbidelman@fsbiapps.com.

Wayne: Thanks for your insights. As a follow-on, do you have any concerns with the use of GoToWebinar and the fact that you are branding them and not you when the webinar is in process? Also do you do straight up live webinars, hybrid webinars, or pre-recorded webinars with no live interaction during them?

Anonymous User

You can use webinars at both ends of the sales funnel or use a series to build Authority, Knowledge and Trust. a Webinar can be used to close the sale to say an online course. Analytics can be used dependant on the platform used ie LeadPages etc. they will have built in analytics. If you are using Facebook ads to create the traffic install the pixel only in the point of confirmation of booking or purchase otherwise you will waste shedloads of money. The same holds true for AdWords.
The best route is to learn to do this yourself then you retain control and can rinse and repeat for other projects!


Hey Scott,

In short: yes.

I use webinars for all stages of the buying cycle for the same reasons you stated -- at the top of the funnel, they are great for establishing authority and fantastic for lead generation. At the bottom of the funnel, they provide an excellent product demo and answer the questions your prospect wants to ask, but may not know how.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this blog post which goes into this in greater detail: http://www.nevermindmarketing.com/using-webinars-generate-revenue/

I also cover the topic on a recent Shopify Partners blog: http://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/54922755-how-to-host-webinars-that-attract-clients

I prefer GoTo Webinar for a number of reasons, primarily the registration automation and integration with my CRM

For metrics, each webinar has its own specific purpose. At the top of the funnel, I am looking for qualified leads or to build my database of prospects. At the bottom, I am focused on conversion rate (lead to customer).

I'm happy to share more if you have specific questions!

To your success!

Shaun: Thanks for your comments and the links. I will check out the posts.

Shaun, just tried to view your link that covered nevermindmarketing.com and received the following error:
Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
Apache Server at www.nevermindmarketing.com Port 80

@Ted Sorry about that -- it seems we broke the internet. Everything is back up and running.


Have only lately begun to do so to learn the medium. A webinar is effective in indirect selling, as I consumed some myself some time ago. To close sales, and to do it for the longer haul, a face to face connect has no substitute yet. You are intuitively correct in asking about the industry niche - HR consulting - in my case, and I'd wager that the medium is to be exploited specific to the industry's context. I've not thought of hiring a webinar producer; and am not sure if there's a 'real' market for such, unless it is in the digital natives segment.

Anonymous User

Webinars are great ways to recruit and sell but they have a few down points - mainly that they take time up while not being a blockbuster movie you paid 8 bucks to watch and that they assume you're comfortable just like the guy in front of the camera i.e. you're not in the same hotel conference room with refreshments. If you can offer a prize or something like that to get people hooked and prepare them before hand by giving out some merchandise or a coupon to get a drink for the show that would be great!

Anonymous User

I use webinars exclusively both my own business activities and for that of clients where I provide the backend support...All the comments below are very valid, however, I will say that having produced and worked with a number of clients each scenario is very different depending how good your target audience is.

Personally I use webinarjam for all my webinars as I find far more interactive than others out there and I also have the ability to make "evergreen" webinars, put in downloadable e-books/PDF's and send people to optin or sales pages...Over the next few years they will become more and more engaging as people/companies start to use the technology. There is a warning, if you are just going to go in and sell sell sell then your audience may get bored and switch off...I am seeing the best success with max of 45min with an allowance for Q&A, The system I use also gives you the drop-out stats, and no show data which you can then target your replays or "partial replays"

There is also a whole strategy around the replays as we are seeing greater take-up of the final offer from actively marketed replay strategies...If I can help you further just send me an email...

Andrew: Thanks for the feedback. I have used WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Both are good overlays to Google Hangouts on Air and they offer a lot of marketing bang for the buck. They also offer great support. My only issue with them is the branding for the product top and bottom of the webinar. I would prefer to have my webinars branded just to me like you can do in ON24 or other "brand-friendly" platforms but that comes at a big price.

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