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Does anyone have a good recommendation for software to create a flyer?

I am not sure how often I am going to be making flyers, so I don't want to spend too much money. I am just looking for a simple, cost effective (or free) tool. Thanks.

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Photoshop or Illustrator depending on your needs. Hands down the professional way to go.

Adobe creative cloud is $9.99 - $60 a month.

Keep in mind these programs are not easy and require a bit of training to know how to use effectively. If you used adobe before you have nothing to worry about!

I hear these are great tools, but agree that there's probably too much training for me right now. I'm just experimenting with a few ideas and if I decide to get serious with some flyers, I'll probably just outsource it. I didn't realize though that you could get a version of Adobe for only $9.99 a month. I will definitely keep that in mind if I get adventurous :)


I agree with Cathie. Hire a professional. You can find one with a fair price, and often they will work with you. You'll spend a little each time you hire them, but you are then getting a product that speaks to your brand and your customers in a much more professional way. And Mary-Alice, you're obviously smart enough to know that your time is valuable and better spent.

Good luck with your project!

Anonymous User

Hi Mary-Alice

The cheapest and best value for money tool I have found is Vista Print (www.vistaprint.com). OK, bear with me, and I know I may be about doing myself out of potential business!

We use Vista Print for many of our printing projects including printing business cards, flyers, etc. of our own designs. However, what many may not realise is that Vista Print allows you to design your own business card and flyers online using their free tools.

So if you do not have a design made for you in advance you can either use one of their pre-styled templates or use a blank-sheet design to create your own. This service is free and you only pay for anything you print (printing prices are not bad either).

The system allows you to import your logo, images, format the page layout, as well as styling your text in different fonts, sizes, colours, etc. OK, it will never be as good as a flyer or business card that we could design for you professionally, but if saving money is a big issue in your business then you can save the cost of design by using Vista Print service.

A few provisos though:

1. Quality of service is varied between countries. We have used both UK and Spain websites and both have been great but I do know customers who have experienced service issues in other countries (shall remain nameless!).

2. The final outcome depends on your creative ability as well as the quality of images and logo you use. Make sure you use high resolution images and logos as poor quality is magnified when you print it. :ack of Creativity is not something you can solve by using a tool :-)

3. Manage your own expectations as your final product is the product of your ability. When we design flyers, logos, and business cards we are using graphic designers who do this for a living so do not expect to compete with them!

I hope this helps.


I agree -- simple programs work fine -- it's more about the message than the complexity of design. Even a template and borders, etc., can be dropped in favor of proper fonts and arrangement. I think your best best is to use the word processor you know best and then check out great flyer designs for inspiration. You can find endless great flyer lists via Google. Here's one where most of the designs rely more upon shape, folding, etc..: http://www.creativebloq.com/design/flyer-912663.

Great article! There are some really cool designs there. Thanks for the tips.

Anonymous User

If you want to create flyers but don't want to spend money on decent software, I suggest you pay someone who has the software already. As a graphic designer, I use Adobe InDesign or Illustrator to create professional looking flyers. It's expensive software, but they're the tools of my trade & basically if I didn't have them my credibility as a designer would be compromised. Cheap isn't necessarily the best way forward. Use your strengths for the benefit of your business & employ people with the skills you don't have. Good luck, hope that helps.

You bring up an excellent point Cathie. I tell people that all the time. If it's not your core competency, your time might be better spent somewhere else. Right now I am just toying around with an idea, but I will certainly keep you in mind if I move forward with anything. Thanks again.

Hi Cathie George, I stumbled upon this thread when looking for similar resolutions. I am interested to know your charges to design flyers. I am looking for somebody who is reliable and I can deal with on a regular basis. Thank you.


It mainly depends on the quality of the flyers you want to make and whether your target would not mind a shoddy looking flyer. If you want good flyers, I'd say get a professional to make you a template. If you don't mind you can use from Microsoft Powerpoint, CorelDraw, to Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I hope I have helped.

Anonymous User

Something by the software, it is another coming up with the design. This is what you see pay for with digital and physical flyers. You have an artistic streak see you then Bicycle a cheap way of doing a flies, in fact any flyers if you have a Macintosh is Pages. Put the documents in landscape mode, on the flyer, and then take a screenshot and cropped down.

As has been mentioned earlier it is the design part of the people markup on I hope this helps and good luck!



If it is a simple, basic piece of marketing material, I typically just use MS Word, or Publisher...not with the templates though. I create it from bottom up.

I have used this one though: http://www.smartdraw.com/software/flyers.asp.

This one too: http://download.cnet.com/Easy-Flyer-Creator/3000-6675_4-10699134.html.

Check this one out too: https://www.lucidpress.com/pages/examples/free-flyer-maker-online.

Maybe one of those will work for you. If it is a major development happening, I typically outsource that to one of my designers, and printers.

These look great, particularly LucidPress. I saw SmartDraw, but didn't see an option for macs. I might have just overlooked it. Thanks.


Look at what your competition is doing. If their fliers look home-grown, then maybe you can do it yourself. But if your top competitor has really sharp, professional looking brochures, you'd better do the same, and hire a pro -- unless you don't mind having your business look amateurish or second-rate!

And by the way, it's not just the design. It's also getting the right message across in the best, highest-impact way. So exactly what you say and how you say it is critical.

The buyer always has a choice -- you, or the other guys. And your brochure is one of the important places where he/she makes that choice.

Al Shultz alshultz.com/

I've always had the mantra, "look at your competition, and do the EXACT opposite of them."

Look at why your company is in business, determine your audience, and speak to their needs with that "why" statement. Don't ignore your competition, but use their huge advertising efforts to your advantage. People tire of commercial so quickly that if you are the "cool" company that speaks to them rather then sells them, you will outright win, both for your companies culture and sales.

We also create really good digital graphics and video, may be of interest to you Al? Message me if so.

shaneyegs at gmail dot com (sorry for spelling it out, don't want to be spammed)


You can use Page Maker(Adobe), Popwer Point (MC) or Pages (Apple), but if you want it look good and professional ask Oleg Morgunov to help you. He works at Invision Pro (my company). We match images (no problem with copyright, becuase we buy them) and follow corporate style. He is professional Graphic Designer. We can use FTP to exchange files.

People still use page maker! :)

If you are using Pagemaker, you have an old version. Adobe replaced it with InDesign a long time ago. A $50/month subscription to Adobe cloud gives you access to the complete suite. Works great. (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Edge, Muse and more. Lynda.com has great training videos.

InDesign is wonderful. We use it of course, but it takes time to learn and usually only professional graphic designers can use to reach great results. If you don't have time to learn apply to professional people.

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