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Is there an innovative software that can be used by artwork designers to collaborate on projects?

Looking for a software that can be used by several users to create and share artwork.

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I'm interested in the answer to this question as well, but also cringing a bit.

Design by committee seldom produces a stellar result, though frequently it becomes necessary for "political reasons" during project execution.

A hyper-focus on design is also often to the detriment of functionality, and a huge factor driving scope creep. I shudder to think what the impact of "collaborating" with a client in this way would be on scope.

If you're on a "time and materials" contract, no problem, but fixed quote projects can end up losing the contractor money or derailing the relationship if too many people are sticking their fingers in the design pie.

I can see a geographically diverse "in-house" team using something like this effectively, it would just depend how it was managed, but based on past experience, I still have an instinctive negative reaction to the whole idea.


GIMP, Inkspace, Scribus, Krita, Mypaint , InDesign, Blender - For Open Source Artist
Photoshop, Maya, 3D max, Sketchup, InDesign, Coral draw, Zenbrush, - For close source artist | Affordable Licence fee compared to other options.

When you are targeting larger team for shared artwork open source application are better option to control budget.

Reason behind it:
Availability on all operating system with inter compatible file formats. Similar or at par level features, available with licences software. Once in a while artist already used it as alternative and backup software to licences software. Online documentation and video tutorial available for these software, thus lesser trouble for training. Artist can learn it at per their own convenience.


Inmotionnow.com is another one that focuses on art design collaboration.

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