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What are your recommendations for free flowchart software?

I want to create a flowchart to show a process. What is a modern software? There are only 8 steps. Presentation as a simple easy to follow chart are key.

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yEd is pretty nice for simple things, and has some good automatic layout functions. If maximum compatibility is a concern, then Visio is probably a better option, but it's Windows-only (whereas yEd is cross-platform, and open source).

I've used Pencil a fair amount a couple of years ago and found it nice looking but clunky to use. That may have changed between then and now.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Jake. I believe yEd is ideal for the purpose and able to be placed into a Slide show for presentations.

Hello @Jake Asvin, I agreed with your point if maximum compatibility is a concern, then Visio is probably a better option.


I always prefer Visio but it is not free :). I also used yEd and it was pretty simple.

Dia, is a free version of a Visio like tool. It's not as easy as Visio, but it works great, and runs under linux, windows, mac...

Anonymous User

If you're using Chrome, Gliffy Diagrams is pretty cool: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gliffy-diagrams/bhmicilclplefnflapjmnngmkkkkpfad

Inkscape is free, and runs on Windows, OS X and Linux

Another free option is yEd

Or how about Pencil Project

Cacoo has a free version

LucidChart isn't free but starts at $3.33/month, which isn't that much more ;-)

Then again if you only have an occasional requirement, you may be better off using a slide presentation application such as PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.


Thank you for the list. This is a good starting point. I will look at yEd primarily.


My personal preference is Visio but it is definitely not free. You could use Power Point.




Gliffy has a free trial then a nominal fee for use.


see this list - it has some good options http://listoffreeware.com/list-of-best-free-flowchart-software-for-windows/

Hi Angelo
Thank you. The website is brilliant, confirming top answers by others, yEd is the primary software.

Anonymous User

Even though I am a big fan of Open Software I played a bit with inkscape and for my personal needs I found it not mature enough. After several different tests I finally found Cacoo. Cacoo is quick, easy and has all the features you would need. The free version has limits, but, quite frankly, the pro version is less than 5 USD/month so I would strongly suggest it.


I would suggest Power Point, since it will help with your sales presentation...

Hi Robert
I am using Power Point. The need for a flowchart software provides links and effective text areas, etc, unlike straight input in PP which doesn't line up text effectively or give a great line up or flow shapes.


I have used yEd.

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