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Anonymous User

Has anybody used Nitro PDF before?

I am interested in learning the positives and negatives of using this particular brand of software as opposed to others such as Foxit or Adobe.

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Well, I haven't used Nitro PDF rather than I use Polaris and Adobe over my tab. I don't think to install nitro pdf is worth it because its just a single application which can only be used for reading PDF files, but using Polaris means I can use it to access pdf files, create word files, create powerpoints, etc. So, better to use Polaris rather than any other PDF in my opinion!

Anonymous User

Nitro PDF is faster than Adobe Reader and also cheaper. You can also easily extract images and text from pdf files. There are also other features... but it depends on what features do you want to use.


yes, but it's not a free tool... better find some free software that does the same. just google for it!

Anonymous User

Hi Gavin,

This may be not an accurate answer to your question (NitroPDF versus Foxit/Adobe Reader), but you may want to give a try and tell us what you think of SumatraPDF.

- it's safe and reliable. I have been using it for several years, for me and hundreds of customers ;
- It's OpenSource Software (such as Linux) ;
- It's free and always will be ;
- It's lightweight, quick, easy.


get it from:

Let me know what you think of it.

-- Philippe

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