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Have you an enlightened opinion on this seasonal social media campaign before I make recommendations?

I am a great believer in checking facts, trends, and circumstances before giving any client advice. Whilst there is (in my own humble opinion) very little about marketing that I don’t already know, one must always bow to the superior knowledge of more experienced practitioners when unsure of something.

I am at the early stages of developing a social media Christmas campaign for one of my clients, to promote a seasonal service somewhat different to their usual core business. Whilst it is a related activity that could prove very profitable, it may also (if mounted within their existing social media pages), detract from their core business.

I have mentioned that it may be practical to create a discrete social media presence to conduct this one-off Xmas promotion and then direct customers back to their more ‘serious’ pages to expose their traditional year-long activities.

Has anyone gained some insights into the most appropriate way to approach this?

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