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How can I get sponsorship and support for a little kid's soccer team?

I am looking for sponsorship for a kid's soccer league in Kenya because I love soccer and I think it can help save kid's lives. Kids over there love the game and what's making life hard for them is tribalism, lack of resources, and corruption. So how do I go about getting assistance to help these young kids?

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Anonymous User

Hi Eric,

May I suggest looking at partnerships with companies with a great global Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, in addition to speaking to FIFA or the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation - https://www.laureus.com/content/sport-for-good-foundation.

Hope my advice helps.


Hi Eric,
Finding a corporate sponsor is little bit difficult. Try finding some local business and convince them to sponsor your soccer team. I found a good article which is specific to your query https://www.themeboy.com/blog/find-sponsor-sports-team-sporting-event/

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